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‘Will I Be Able to See Again?’: Appointment with Unlicensed Hairstylist Lands Detroit Teen In Hospital After Hairspray Can Explodes

A Detroit teen’s visit to a hairdresser left her in the emergency room after a hairspray can exploded in her face. The 14-year-old is still recovering from injuries that caused her to lose vision in one eye, among other medical complications.

Tanajah Johnson, 14, was getting her hair done on Jan. 7 by a hairstylist she found on Instagram. Johnson’s family launched a GoFundMe account to help with the unexpected medical costs associated with her injuries.

“They had her in the trauma center, and I broke into tears,” Latina Johnson told WDIV.

The hairstylist, who uses the Instagram handle “Jus Kuemani,” is accused of being “careless” on the family’s GoFundMe page. The family says Kuemani left a can of “got2b” hair spray by a pressing comb hotplate. The can got too hot and exploded in Johnson’s face as she was nearby.

A screenshot from WDIV of Tanajah Johnson in the hospital after being hit by exploding hairspray can. (Photo: WDIV)

“She’s always asking, ‘Mom, will I be able to see again?’ I’m just reassuring her and telling her you’ll be fine, and we’ll get through this,” Latina Johnson said.

“The 14-year-old has lost sight in one eye. Her eye socket is shattered, and her nose is broken, including muscle and bone inside her mouth which are fractured,” WDIV reported.

Kuemani claims, “I am an unlicensed hairdresser and attend cosmetology school to obtain my license,” on her Instagram page.

Kuemani expressed sorrow for her client’s injuries after the incident.

“Please find it in you guys’ hearts to donate to this young lady click the link to donate. I’m sorry Tanajah,” Kuemani wrote.

Detroit Instagram hairstylist Jus Kuemani shared a former client’s GoFundMe information after a hairspray can accident. (Photo: Instagram/stylesbymacc)

“I truly never meant to hurt that baby, and I’m truly sorry from the bottom of my heart,” she continued.

Hairspray and aerosol cans can be deadly if left unattended in hot environments. In 2017, a hairspray can left in a hot car went flying through a car windshield in Oregon, KTRK reported.

“It’s not only open flames that produce sufficient heat to ignite the cans and send them flying like small missiles. When aerosol cans are placed near a heat source, such as an electric stove top, the pressurized cans quickly explode with potentially deadly force,” CBS News reported.

Latina Johnson said she is solely focused on her daughter’s well-being at the moment.

“I, еvеryonе, mе and my family arе trying to raisе monеy for my daughtеr’s mеdical bill еxpеnsеs and еyе surgеry,” Latina Johnson said to Techno Trenz.

ClickOnDetroit reports the hairstylist was running her business out of a clothing store.

Latina Johnson told WDIV after her daughter’s recovery, the family plans to file a police report and hire a lawyer over the accident.  

Johnson said her daughter aspires to become a doctor.

Her GoFundMe page has received nearly $9,300 in donations.

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