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H.E.R’s Natural Hair

Grammy award-winner Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, better known as “H.E.R,” had fans do a double take after they viewed a series of photos that showed off her natural curls and full face.

The “Best Part” songstress’ images featured H.E.R wearing a yellow two-piece set as she smized into the camera beautifully barefaced while her hair maintained its full organic kink. 

H.E.R shows off natural hair.

“In my purest form” she captioned her pictures, which received over 600,000 likes on Instagram. 

While many individuals on Instagram noted how beautiful H.E.R looked in the photos she chose to upload, fans on Twitter were shocked after seeing photos of the 25-year-old not wearing her iconic shades, noting that it made it difficult for them to correctly identify her. 

“Crazy this is one of the biggest artists in the world and wouldn’t know who this is off first glance”

“Lmaooo she really like Clark Kent. Turn into a different person with her shades on”


“H.E.R proved the Clark Kent/superman disguise in real life”

H.E.R managed to break out into the industry simply by allowing her R&B soulful voice to do the work while she protected her anonymity by way of shades and a large blow-out hairstyle that would always cover her face. 

In a 2016 interview with NPR, the then rising star explained what prompted her decision to keep her physicality a mystery. 

“I just really wanted it to be about the music and get away from, ‘Who is she with?’ and ‘What is she wearing?’ I want people to feel the emotion,” she explained. 

H.E.R.’s voice not only has won her four Grammy awards, but it also granted her the opportunity to make her Disney princess debut as Belle in the live television musical “Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration,” which premiered Thursday, Dec. 15 on ABC. 

Fans are still able to watch H.E.R’s first live-action performance by way of streaming service Disney Plus. 

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