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Who Are Shanquella Robinson’s Friends?: More Video Footage, Details About North Carolina Woman’s Fatal Trip Emerge Online

New information has surfaced about the friends who were allegedly on the Mexican trip with Shanquella Robinson that ended in her death.

Hundreds of people attended the Charlotte, North Carolina, woman’s funeral on Saturday after the details of her Oct. 29 death went viral. Robinson’s friends told her family that she lost consciousness because of alcohol poisoning, but the 25-year-old’s death certificate later revealed that she died because of physical injuries, raising suspicions about the circumstances of her death.

Shanquella Robinson's friends
Who were Shanquella Robinson’s friends? Credit: @itsquella IG

The speculation was later heightened when a video surfaced of Robinson being thrashed in a bedroom.

A second video has since emerged, showing Robinson excitedly pushing her friends to change into their swimsuits. The friends appeared huddled around a bed talking behind a slightly closed door. Some advocates for Robinson are interpreting this as her walking in on her friends while they were scheming against her. Her father, Bernard Robinson, told TMZ he believes the group set her up.

“For them to do what they did, ma’am. It just seems like they were plot – because they couldn’t of did that over here,” he said.

The FBI and Mexican authorities have launched separate investigations into Robinson’s death. The victim’s mother has put forward new claims about the possible motive for the assault and points to what she deems as more evidence of a cover-up by the people Robinson accompanied to another country for a birthday celebration.

Posts circulating on social media exposed the friends’ identities. Two names have risen to the top of the lists of the people rumored to be involved – Daejhanae Jackson and Wenter Donovan.

Who was on the Cabo San Lucas Trip with Shanquella Robinson?

Graphics and a document floating around on social media identify six friends who were on the trip with Robinson before returning to the states. WJZY obtained the guest registry list for Villa Linda 32 and tried to contact everyone on the list, but Atlanta Black Star could not confirm if it is the same document floating around online.

Khalil Cooke reportedly is Robinson’s best friend of five years. Her mother told CBS News on Friday that Cooke and her daughter were so close that he would go with them on family trips and would often visit their home. He called Salamondra on Oct. 29 alerting her that her daughter grew ill because of alcohol poisoning, according to reports. He also brought Robinson’s luggage back from Mexico to their house, she said.

“I never thought he be so low to ever do my child like that,” Salamondra said.

Cooke was at the family’s side after Robinson’s death up until when the autopsy revealed that she had a broken neck and spine, Salamondra said.

“I haven’t seen him since,” the mother told CBS News.

Collage Maker-21-Nov-2022-04.20-PM
Shanquella Robinson died within 24 hours of arriving in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. (Photo: Instagram)

Shanquella’s sister Quilla Long told The North Carolina Beat that Cooke was acting strange.

“Now that stuff done happen, I can go back and say ‘that’s why he was pacing’, I mean you would have thought he was coming off something like he was high,” Long said. “He was nervous, he was sweating, and grabbing his beard. It had to be eating him up then.”

Who is Shanquella Robinson’s friend Daejhanae Jackson?

Robinson’s mother said she believes her daughter met Jackson in college. Both women attended Winston-Salem State University, according to their social media profiles. Robinson took the trip to Mexico to celebrate Jackson’s birthday.

A screenshot of Jackson’s LinkedIn profile, which has since been removed, shows she works for branded propane tank exchange Blue Rhino in Greensboro, North Carolina. She reportedly lives in Jamestown, North Carolina.

Additional information about Jackson is scarce, and reports suggested all of the people who reportedly were on the trip erased their social media footprints.

Many called for Jackson to be arrested for murder after video footage of Robinson’s beating was released, but sources close to Jackson told The North Carolina Beat that Donovan was also involved.

One woman was lying on the bed in the second video and two were standing above her talking when Robinson entered the room in the second video, where they chatted about bathing suits. Robinson seemed to be in good spirits. It is still unclear what went wrong and what led to what her father called an “attack” in the first video.

Who is Shanquella Robinson’s friend Wenter Donovan?

Wenter Donovan, a Greensboro, North Carolina, resident, was reportedly in the room recording the 18-second video where a male bystander tells “Quella” to fight back. Robinson is still alive at the end of the video. One outlet is now claiming Donovan also was involved in the attack.

The North Carolina Beat’s Gerald Jackson said in a Facebook Live interview that he was told by a friend of Daejhanae’s mother that “after Wenter slammed her on the ground, Shanquella does not move anymore.”

Daejhanae Jackson has been accused of being the woman in the first video punching Robinson repeatedly in the head and back. The victim was still moving when the video cut off.

The allegations have not been confirmed. However, just like with Jackson, many social media users shared Donovan’s information online calling for the women to come forward with information or take responsibility for their actions that led to Robinson’s death.

Shanquella Robinson was laid to rest in Charlotte, North Carolina in November 19, 2022. (Photo: Twitter)

Nazeer Wiggins is the only friend who has spoken out after the incident. He claims that he arrived in Cabo a day after everyone else and at the villa Saturday afternoon. Robinson already appeared ill, he said.

Wiggins said he turned on soft music and rubbed Robinson’s head until a medical professional came to the villa. He says he was told that a maid found her slumped over a toilet before he arrived. Robinson’s autopsy report shows she died 15 minutes after her injuries.

“I didn’t see a fight. I didn’t know there was a fight,” Wiggins said in a live video that he later deleted. “I didn’t know there was a video. I didn’t know they had did any harm, anything. I went in there and I was told it was alcohol poisoning and that’s what I helped her as.”

Other video snippets from the Cabo trip show the group of friends eating and drinking together and playing a game. During their last conversation on Oct. 28, the victim told her mother they had a private chef and she appeared to be enjoying the trip.

The victim’s father is calling for all of the people on the trip to be charged and serve life sentences in Mexico.

“That was my only child. I’m just heartbroken, ma’am,” he told TMZ. “You know, I can’t even be a granddaddy. I can’t walk her down the aisle. I can’t hear her voice.”

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