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Mother Claims Memphis Day Care Tried to Cover Up How Her Toddler Went Missing; Instead It Was a Stranger Who Saw the Child Wandering Outside the Building

A Tennessee mother of two had the shock of her life when she realized a stranger discovered her 10-month-old child was missing from his day care. Originally, according to the parent, the nursery school told her a teacher discovered the child was missing for a split second and brought him back inside the building.

On the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 25, Amber Giles received a call from the Building Blocks Academy day care in Memphis informing her that one of her two children was involved in an unspecified incident while she was at work, according to Action News 5.

Mother Claims Memphis Day Care Tried to Cover Up How Her Toddler Went Missing; Instead It Was a Stranger Who Saw the Child Wandering Outside the Building
Amber Giles’ son – Credit: Action News Screengrab

Giles said, “They didn’t specify which child it was, [or] exactly what was going on or the type of emergency that it was.”

No one said anything to her when the children were picked up that night, but on the next day, the facility owner explained the toddler, two months shy of a year, had wandered outside of the door while two staffers were putting out the trash. The child, according to the owner, went undetected for a very short time— but was quickly recovered.

“She said within a split second the teacher noticed that Amir was gone and she picked them back up and put them back in the building and that was that,” the mom said.

However, a different version of the story was later revealed— and this one was supported by the Department of Child Services and a police report.

A man who was pumping his gas at a nearby gas station saw the child outside of the day care.

“I ran over there and notified the lady that was in the room,” he said. “And she was like, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t know this baby was even here.’”

He, in turn, contacted the authorities, who shared with the mother the full story.

Now Giles wants the day care to be held accountable for not sharing the actual information with her.

“I see that this could’ve been really different because it’s a whole lotta stuff going on out here, ” she said, before stating the day care doesn’t have working cameras that could have recorded the incident.

The Tennessee Department of Human Services, one of the agencies notified about the incident, released a statement about the incident, offering their support to an investigation into what happened.

“The Tennessee Department of Human Services will assist law enforcement and other authorities in their investigation of the situation as needed. The [TDHS] Child Care Licensing Team investigates within the parameters of child care licensing rules and regulations, and will take any necessary action as a result.”

Building Blocks Academy as a business has been operational for almost 20 years, according to its website. The school boasts a bilingual (Spanish and English) Christian-based curriculum that teaches children from 6 weeks to 12 years, “age-appropriate” tools for “Self-discipline, self-esteem, and positive behavior.”

According to Children Care Center, a guide to finding quality daycare, the center is a three-star facility “for 13 or more children in Memphis TN, with a maximum capacity of 80 children.” Parents in need who are interested in having their children admitted to the daycare can qualify for subsidized childcare funding.

Since the incident, Giles has removed both of her children from the child care facility.

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