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‘Can Y’all Call/Text Them and Ask Them to Return My Lil Change?’: Yung Joc Accidentally Sends $1800 Zelle Payment to Mystery Person, Begs Fans to Help Get His Money Back

Yung Joc has turned to Instagram to ask his 1.3 million followers to help him get $1,800 back from an accidental Zelle transfer he made. 

Joc, whose real name is Jasiel Amon Robinson, uploaded a photo that showed a series of text messages he sent to a random number asking them to return his large sum of cash. 



“Hi, can you return the $1800 that I mistakenly sent to your account via Zelle,” he wrote. 

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast member sent four additional messages to Jane Doe asking if she would send his money back to him. 

“I sent them a Zelle by mistake and the wont return my money… can y’all please call/text them and ask them to return my lil change?” Joc wrote right before attaching a person’s phone number at the end of his post. 

Several fans hit the 42-year-old’s comments, where they suggested if $1800 ever hit their bank accounts by accident, they would call it a blessing and keep moving

“If Joc ever accidentally Zelle me money don’t waste y’all time calling ad texting me.. Cause what money.”

“I would’ve already turned that money over to the leasing office for October rent I fear.”

An hour after his Instagram plea, Joc gave those interested in his money fiasco an update on his lost money. 

“I called the people they told me they will return the money,” he started to say. 

Joc claimed to his fans that the person who was sent the money would’ve had a “bigger blessing” if they went through with their word and sent Joc back his cash. 

“If they would’ve returned that money, I would’ve did something even bigger for you, they gotta understand, you can’t play with God’s [inaudible].”

After following his Zelle journey, fans were left unamused at Joc’s motivational speech and simply wanted to know if he received the lump of cash. 

“Sooo, did you get it back?”

“What’s bigger than a free $1800?”

Joc has yet to give fans another update surrounding the status of the money.

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