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She Letting Us Know She’s Staying But Only for the Kids’: Nia Long Shares Photo with Her Two Sons After Father of Her Older Son Claims They Will Stick by Ime Udoka’s Side

Nia Long’s latest Instagram post has fans thinking the “Best Man” star is opting to stay with her fiancé, Ime Udoka, after the Boston Celtics head coach found himself at the center of controversy after it was revealed that he had a consensual yet forbidden relationship with the team’s service manager, Kathleen Nimmo Lynch.

The Hollywood veteran hasn’t said or been seen much since the scandal broke in September, but now the actress appears to be slowly coming back to social media after initially sharing a post about mental health and recently a sweet family snap

Long appeared bare-faced but smiling, alongside her two sons,10-year-old son Kez Sunday Udoka, whom she shares with the former San Antonio Spurs player, and 21-year-old son Massai Zhivago Dorsey II, whom she welcomed in her previous relationship with actor Massai Z. Dorsey.

Dorsey shared his thoughts on his ex’s heartbreaking situation, telling Daily Mail all he could say “is good things about Ime” before adding that the former athlete “made a mistake.” He continued, “Every man needs another chance. Like the Bible says, the flesh is weak. He’s not a bad guy. Hopefully, he’s learned from this.”

The star’s comments and Long’s photo, captioned with only a heart before the actress restricted the comments section, had many fans thinking she may stay with Udoka. 

Several people shared their thoughts under blog pages that reposted the family photo, including one Instagram user who wrote, “She letting us know she’s staying but only for the kids.” Another person declared, “Nia ain’t leaving her man.” A second person wrote, “I hope she dont go back. Black women rooting for her.” 

Meanwhile, supporters were happy to see their favorite star cheerful during a rough patch in her life. “That’s what it’s about spending time with the people that love you,” wrote one fan. “Period,” added another. “Save the negative comments. She knows herself he cheated we all do to but that’s their business. He know he messed up s—t she is a prize that he would never find.”

Udoka’s reported mistress was revealed to be a white, 34-year-old devout Mormon, married with three children, who served as a team liaison arranging travel, lodging and game tickets for Celtics family members at home and on the road. Shockingly to fans, she assisted in helping Udoka’s fiancé and actress.

Udoka has since apologized and has been suspended for the 2022-2023 NBA season.

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