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‘How Could You be So Heartless?’: Family Looks for Answers After Teen Is Struck, Dragged In Hit-And-Run

Renaldo Beach police are looking for the driver of a pickup truck that left a 15-year-old burned and bruised in a hit-and-run accident.

LeBron Godoy said he was on his way home from dropping off a friend last Saturday when he was knocked off his E-bike and dragged by a white truck.

“I thought he was going to keep going,” LeBron told Eyewitness News. “I thought I was going to die, to be honest. I was, like, really scared … had no idea what to do or anything.”

LeBron put his hands on the ground to protect his face. The driver eventually stopped, and LeBron climbed from under the truck and flagged down the man, but instead, surveillance footage showed the driver backing away, loosening the truck’s grip on the bike and speeding away.

“I told him to get off my bike because he was on it,” said the teen. “After saying that a couple times, it got through his head and he reversed … my bike shot up and fell back over.”

LeBron’s helmet fell off because of the impact. His clothes were ripped, and he suffered a severe road rash. His mother found him outside, disheveled and injured. Christina Evans said her son is fortunate to have escaped the crash with minor wounds because it could have been tragic.

“When I saw the video, that’s when it hit me,” said LeBron’s mother, Christina Evans. “I realized how lucky he is to be alive. How it could have went the other way.”

She continued, “How could you do that to my son? How could you be so heartless? And why? Why would you leave?”

LeBron told reporters the driver, who appeared to be in his 30s to 40s, looked like he was under the influence. Police are asking the man to turn himself in or anyone with information to contact the department.

“One eye was open and one eye was closed, his mouth was wide open … He was definitely drunk,” he said.

Police say the suspect’s vehicle is an older model pickup truck with yellow or orange lights and a rack on the front end.

“I have hope and faith in this community that we will find this person that left the scene,” Evans said. “That’s what we want is for him to be found and to answer as to why he left the scene.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Redondo Beach police at 310-379-2477. 

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