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‘A Long Overdue Message’: FBI Arrests Corrupt Ex-Kansas Detective for Rape, Kidnapping; More Victims Could Come Forward

A retired high-ranking Kansas cop accused of corruption and sexual exploitation of vulnerable Black women during his multiple-decade career has been arrested by the FBI.

Former Kansas City, Kansas, police detective Roger Golubski was charged with six counts of federal civil rights crimes for claims he sexually assaulted two victims while acting under the color of law. 

Rape allegations against Golubski materialized after Lamonte McIntyre’s exoneration in 2017. Golubski framed McIntyre for a double homicide after his mother refused his sexual coercion. As more victims surfaced, McIntyre’s attorneys estimated that the former detective preyed on 70 women.

The federal indictment did not name the victims. It shows Golubski raped the women on multiple occasions from 1998 to 2002, most of which happened in his vehicle. He is also accused of aggravated sexual abuse and kidnapping. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

Ophelia Williams, who told reporters that Golubski raped her in 1999, said an FBI agent called her early morning Sept. 15 to tell her he was nabbed.

“She put him in handcuffs herself,” Williams said. “I was so happy. Oh, so happy. Crying and stuff.”

Golubski worked in law enforcement for over 35 years. He became a Kansas City detective in 1986 and was promoted to captain in 2002 before retiring in 2010. After collecting his pension, he worked as a detective for the Edwardsville Police Department until 2016.

A lawsuit filed by Lamonte McIntyre and his mother, Rose McIntyre, accused the Kansas City Police Department of being aware of Golubski’s reputation for sexually abusing Black women and not intervening.

Golubski had reportedly fathered several children and at least one of his co-workers caught him in the act with a woman in his office.

Lamonte McIntyre spent 23 years in prison before he was freed. Golubski first forced Rose to have sex with him under the threat of putting her boyfriend in jail after a traffic stop.

Reports show Golubski would also target underaged girls. A woman identified in other court documents as S.K. said the former detective abused her when she was 13 until she was about 17. In one instance, he was said to put a dog leash around her neck and walked next to her as she crawled. Golubski threatened to kill the girl and harm her family if she did not comply with his demands.

Several community activists and organizations had called on authorities to prosecute Golubski. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation opened a case in 2019 and announced that it had found “possible federal violations.” News of a federal grand jury probe broke last October.

The McIntyres received $12.5 million in settlement from the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City for Lamonte’s wrongful incarceration and his mother’s abuse in June.

“The arrest of Roger Golubski is a long overdue message to the community that the police are not immune from prosecution when they break the law,” said David Grummon of Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity, a social justice group that pushed for his arrest. “More importantly, it signals that it’s now safe for the rest of his victims to come forward, report what he did, and, hopefully, finally have an opportunity to pursue justice.”

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