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‘Cut the Check’: Kimora Lee Simmons Teases a Change of Heart, Reconsiders Joining the ‘Housewives’ Franchise  

Kimora Lee Simmons made headlines on Aug. 24 after the Baby Phat founder revealed during a recent interview with “Entertainment Tonight” that she’d been approached numerous times by “Housewives” producers about joining the series. 

The 47-year-old disclosed that she turned down the offers for years because of how production edited the show’s cast members in the final cut. Days following Kimora’s remarks, it appears that the mother of five has changed her tune. 

In an Instagram post shared on Aug. 26, Kimora and her daughter Ming Lee Simmons were seen participating in a popular TikTok trend where the pair used a transition editing feature to transform into the other person. 

The clip starts with Ming posing for the camera as she places her black sweatshirt in the frame. Moments later, Kimora appears on screen and wraps the video by dancing to Armani White’s single “Billie Ellish.” 

In addition to the video, Kimora wrote the caption, “We tried @mingleesimmons.” Following the post, a couple of fans expressed in the comment section how much they want Kimora to join the Housewives franchise. 

Instagram user @mdtstyle said, “Love y’all Kimora join Housewives PLEASE. ” Kimora replied that she didn’t want the unnecessary drama with the Housewives’ reputation. She said, “@mdtstyle y’all not about to have me in a tussle.”

At the same time, another user suggested that if Kimora joins the franchise, she should “bring back” her 2004 era. Instagram user @ognita_melanin wrote, “@kimoraleesimmons girl bring back Kimora 2004 era and watch all those girls fold!!! Periodt!!!”

Following that comment, Kimora suggested she was considering the idea.

“I’m thinking,” she wrote.

As Kimora and her fans’ exchange made its rounds on social media blogs, many people felt indifferent about her joining the “Housewives” franchise. While some were excited, others claimed Kimora should have a show of her own.

“Kimora is good tv I remember her reality show!!!”

“Kimora would read them to filth, I remember her reality show back in the day.”

“I would Stan! She would probably hit someone though. Also, she’s very interesting!!!!”

“She’s above that. Maybe a show on mentoring up & coming designers or a guest judge on something.”

“Any reality tv show is beneath Kimora . Tf, she’s Kimora.”

“Uh she deserves her own show. Although she would serve tea and read all the girls.”

Kimora and her family previously starred in Style Network’s “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane” from 2007 to 2011 and its spinoff “Kimora: House of Fab” in 2013.

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