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‘I Know Where You Live’: Mom Seeks the Community’s Help to Find Man Who Followed, Threatened Her and Son In a Road Rage Outburst

A Tennessee motorist and her son were victims of an alleged road rage altercation resulting in a man ripping the handle off her car door and throwing it at their vehicle. While law enforcement stated they are investigating the situation, the woman reached out to the community to get the man’s name.

Jillian Knam said the ordeal started after she drove to pick up her son from school on Thursday, Aug. 1b.  

The mom posted on Facebook about the ordeal, including a video, and enlisted the community to help the authorities locate the aggressor. The caption read, “Please share and help us identify this guy. This road rage incident happened to my son and I.” 

Knam, after apologizing for his “foul language” in the video, said she was unable to get his tag numbers. 

As the two went on their way, they apparently encountered the driver on a road in Red Bank, after she merged onto U.S. Route 27. 

It was then the man believed she cut him off, sending him into a violent tirade.

First, according to Local 3 News, he approached her when she came to an off-ramp. He came to the car and started to punch her windows and simulating with his fingers he would shoot her. She decided to drive off, but instead of letting it go, he ran after the car on foot.

At some point, Harvey hopped back into his car and started to pursue the mother and son.

The son suggested the mother go to a family friend’s house. His quick thinking was an effort to shield their family’s actual residence from the man who had just threatened them.

Once the mother pulled into her neighbor’s garage front, the man approached the car and re-ignited his verbal fury.

Surveillance footage captured the incident. Harvey is heard saying, “You ever cut me off again, I’ll beat the **** out of you!” 

“You know what you did. You cut me off,” he continued, daring her to “call the f##king cops.”

The man, who wore a dark-colored cap and drove a light-colored Toyota Corolla, warned, “Now, I know where you live. Boom.” He makes another hand gesture and repeats, “Boom, b##ch.” 

The frightened mom described the man as being “enraged” and upset because he thought she had cut him off.

Harvey then yelled to the child, “Tell your mama to quick cutting ****ing people off,” before ripping the door handle off the car and hurling it back at the vehicle.

A voice off-screen asks, “Is everything OK?”

He responds in the negative, “No. It’s not. She cut me off and act like a f##king idiot.” 

The son and the mother, presumably feeling safer because of the unseen witness, opens their door.

Witnesses, however, do not deter his rant. “F##k you,” he said before saying he will fix her car.

As he returned to his car, the man shouted out another subversive threat. “Now I know where you live you stupid *****, think about that,” he barked before driving away from the friend’s property.

The verbal abuse continued as he called her a “whore,” and told her she should be happy it is not her teeth he pulled out.

The boy said in the interview, “I was in shock.” 

“I didn’t know what was going to happen next,” he confessed. 

The Chattanooga Police Department is continuing to look for the man, using the information from the video and other evidence provided by the duo in the police report. 

The mother says if authorities locate the man she will press charges.

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