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‘How U Gone Tell the Lifeguard the Pool Closed’: Woman Tries to Make Black Teen Lifeguard Leave His Job After He Asked Her to Monitor Daughter Who Was a ‘Weak Swimmer’

A white woman and her daughter were escorted out of an apartment complex’s private pool after she was videotaped insulting the Black staff lifeguard. The combative swimmer fumed after an African-American pool worker confronted her for her party’s disruptive and dangerous behavior, but instead of her yielding to his authority in the pool, she told him the “pool was closed for him.”

During a summer weekend in August, a middle-aged white woman verbally harassed a Black teen working his summer job at a pool. 

In now-viral footage, the woman is seen telling the young man, “You got a problem, you get the f–k out of here. Pool is closed for you.”

As he filmed her rant, the teen informs her, “You’re on camera too, Miss,” to which she snaps back, “Good. You’re on camera too. You been on camera.”

In disbelief, the lifeguard, whose TikTok username is @cal_capalot, posted the video on Sunday, Aug. 14, and asked in his caption, “How u gone tell the lifeguard the pool closed?”

In the video published immediately after this aforementioned one, she is seen no longer in her blue and white bathing suit but covered up with a white t-shirt. This time her tone is different. She is no longer shouting at the boy, but woundedly weeping saying, “This makes you happy? She ends up hurting herself ’cause she can’t stand in the pool?”

The “she” the woman is referencing is her 6-year-old daughter, whose safety and behavior are at the center of the outburst.

In a separate “Storytime” video, the young man says the woman was not properly supervising her allegedly “special needs” child and engaging in disorderly conduct.

The lifeguard recalls that the daughter was not a strong swimmer and had developmental challenges. He asked the mother to stay with the daughter as she was going into the deeper water, leaving 5 feet to go to 6 feet. 

“I’m like, ‘Ma’am your daughter is swimming in 6 ft.’” he said in the clip. “I see that she can’t swim. Can you please get in the water with her and just stay at arm’s length with her … for safety causes? You never know what can happen in a pool.”

The mother said she wasn’t going to monitor her child and allegedly “got smart,” with the young man despite his professional’s concern.

His professional concern is not without warrant.

According to law office Michels & Lew, adult supervision is critical to stopping minors from drowning.

The firm states, “Younger children risk drowning in many bodies of water other than pools, lakes, and the sea, they are also at risk of drowning in bathtubs, buckets, toilets, and kiddie pools. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a lapse in adult supervision is the main contributing factor when children die from drowning, even when safety measures are in place. This can include inattention by a lifeguard at a beach or public pool, by an adult tasked with watching children involved in water-related activities, or by a parent giving a child a bath.”

This can also be applied to someone with the capacity of a child.

Later, her daughter comes by his lifeguard stand and starts to pour water on the teen’s back and on his documents and check off worksheets to monitor the chlorine and pH levels in the pool.

He tasked the woman to come and “watch her daughter” because she was messing up important papers of his. 

She allegedly remarked, “Oh you’re just a lifeguard. You only make $12.50 an hour. What could you possibly have in your bag?”

The TikToker told her he was going to report her to the main office and she “got in” his face and started her rant.

In one of the videos of the incident, none more than 30 seconds, a woman is seen trying to intercede, saying the young man.

The “Karen” says, “No! No, he’s a f-cking asshole!” 

The other worker, correcting her, says, “He’s a child!”

“I know he is!” the woman barks. 

The employee counters, “Then why are you talking to a child?”

In the last clip, she is seen being removed from the premises and said, “Stick it up that piece of sh-t’s ass.”

The boy says, “I done seen it all.”

Little is known about the woman, but the lifeguard says she does not live in the community and that police were called to remove her.

“We had to kick her out of the pool. Turns out she wasn’t even a resident of the complex that I was guarding that day. So, we got her outta there. We actually had to call the cops on her for her to leave she wouldn’t leave. But yeah, that’s the Storytime for how I first met a Karen,” he ends his series.

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