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‘Kenya About to Have Some Words Chile’: Nene Leakes Reveals She Got a BBL, Fans Bring Up Reality Star Calling Her Former ‘RHOA’ Castmate Kenya Moore ‘Blow-up Booty’

Nene Leakes has decided to take fans on her plastic surgery journey after revealing she has recently gone under the knife to receive a “professional bbl.” A few weeks ago the reality star announced she had been named an ambassador for Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery under Dr. Stanley Okoro. In a new video she posted, Nene showed fans her experience as she prepared for the procedure. 

Fans were able to see Nene’s journey from when she first walked into the surgical clinic all the way to her operation. In her caption, Nene wrote, “I did it! I got a ‘Professional BBL’ with Dr. Okoro! Follow my surgery journey with Dr. Okoro at Georgia Plastic. I’m almost ready to show off my new snatched look..”

nene leakes
Nene Leakes. Photo: @neneleakes/Instagram

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star uploaded a second video where she disclosed getting liposuction as well before her BBL. Though Leakes was only planning to get liposuction 360, after a consultation with Okoro, they agreed to put the removed fat from her stomach and sides in her butt. She explained the reason for her plastic surgery was to “fix problem areas.”

“Maybe there’s a little dent here maybe there’s a spot there I mean I don’t know.” 

Leakes admitted she was uncertain about calling her procedure a bbl because, “To me when you say bbl to me you sound like you getting ready to come out with this big giant booty and that’s not what I’m not looking for, I’m only looking to fix my problem areas.”

So Nene and Okoro dubbed the procedure a “professional mini BBL.”

Leakes told fans, “Come on, follow me on this journey of liposuction 360 and a professional, mini BBL.” 

Nene has been one to be transparent about the work she has done, she’s discussed her two nose jobs and her boob job in interviews and on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” however many fans aren’t feeling her bbl journey after dissing her former cast mate Kenya Moore

“She called Kenya blow up booty for years to do this?”

“Why throw shade just to get the same thing done years later?”

“Ool Kenya about to have some words chileee”

Some followers were left confused while trying to understand the difference between a “professional bbl” and a “regular bbl.”

“Professional? I’m confused, aren’t they supposed to be done by professionals?”

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