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‘Sounds Like He Wanted to be Paid’: Sheree Whitfield’s Ex-Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams Explains Cease-and-Desist Letter and Allegedly Standing ‘RHOA’ Star Up In Past Episode

In 2021 it was revealed Sheree Whitfield’s former boo Tyrone Gilliams reportedly sent over a cease-and-desist letter to Bravo regarding “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Apparently, the cease-and-desist was meant to prevent the company from, “using his ‘name and likeness’ on the series without his permission.”  

Now Tyrone has finally decided to speak out and explain his truth surrounding the cautionary letter. Tyrone spoke with the The Jasmine Brand, where he claimed to be a businessman. 

Tyrone Gilliams. (Photo: @tyronegilliams/Instagram)

“As I say God, family, business, I live by it. I was aware of the taping but there was no arrangement contractually or any agreement with me and Bravo.”

Tyrone further explained how he found no issue in supporting his significant other, however he was taken aback once he realized what type of narrative the cast and crew began to create about him. 

“When they created that narrative in regard to me and a lunch date or something that I was supposed to have with her, that’s when my lawyers had to jump in it because it was putting me at risk for going back to prison.” 

According to Tyrone, during that time he was under restrictions due to being in home confinement. He was given an “approved schedule” of places he could travel, these places included church, gym and therapy for his “mental health.” 

Sheree Whitfield and Tyrone Gilliams. Photo: @tyronegilliams/Instagram

“I couldn’t ‘stand anybody up’ because you know I’m in the house, I’m not running around.” 

While Tyrone told his side of the story, many ‘RHOA fans didn’t believe his explanation in the comment section.

“Sounds like he wanted to be paid.”

“Something about him is giving scammer vibes for sure.”

“This sounds shady, why did you need a contract to show up on a date with someone that held you down?” 

Many fans couldn’t wrap their minds around his explanation, but some comments understood where Tyrone was coming from. 

“He makes perfect sense, we all know reality tv is scripted with made up storylines mostly by cast members looking for moments”

“Y’all keep stating he wanted a check but he clearly stated he was not allowed to go to lunch because he was in home confinement.” 

Now that both Sheree and Tyrone shared their sides of the infamous stand-up lunch, hopefully, the two will be able to finally move on. 

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