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‘When a Woman Loves You There Are Certain Lines They Just Won’t Cross’: Comedian Earthquake Says Will Smith ‘Will Be Happy’ When He Realizes ‘He Is Not the Man’ for Jada Pinkett Smith

Comedian Earthquake has more thoughts to unload about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage.

In a recent conversation on NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, “Club Shay Shay,” the comedian shared his belief that the love Smith has for his wife is not being reciprocated. 

?When a Woman Loves You There Are Certain Lines They Just Won?t Cross?: Comedian Earthquake Says Will Smith 'Will Be Happy' When He Realizes ?He Is Not the Man' for Jada Pinkett Smith
Comedian Earthquake Says Will Smith ‘Will Be Happy’ When He Realizes ‘He Is Not the Man’ for Jada Pinkett Smith. L to R(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images) (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

When asked directly if the actress loves Smith, Earthquake responded, “F—k no,” with no hesitation. The stand-up comic’s comments are directly tied to Smith’s explosive presence at this year’s Oscar ceremony. Chris Rock, who was at the ceremony to present the documentary feature award, joked that Pinkett Smith’s shaved head, a byproduct of her dealing with alopecia, was akin to actress Demi Moore’s in the film “G.I. Jane.” While the joke was initially met with laughter from Smith, his wife’s displeasure seemingly provoked the actor to angrily approach the stage and slap Rock. He then returned to his seat only to yell, “keep my wife’s name out of your f—ng mouth.”

As far as Earthquake is concerned, Pinkett Smith should have acted out of love and protection and stopped her husband instead of allowing things to escalate. But instead, the opposite occurred. In a separate clip of the slap, it appears as though the mother of two laughed. “If she loved him she would have never let him run up there,” said Earthquake. “If she loved him she wouldn’t have laughed after it happened.”

In the aftermath of the “slap seen around the world,” the couple has faced a barrage of reports that a divorce is imminent, Smith has been condemned, and the actress villainized for dragging their marriage to the “Red Table Talk.” 

When Sharpe questioned if Smith would be happier divorced, Earthquake said the actor instead had a hard truth to accept. “I think Will will be happy once he comes to the realization that you in love with a woman that don’t love you and no matter what you do or what you give or what you achieve it’s not going to be sufficient.” 

He continued, “A lot of women settle. He is not the man of her dreams and she constantly throw it in his face; that’s why she bring up Tupac.” The comic then made mention of a controversial letter allegedly written by the couple’s daughter, Willow, saying how much her mother missed the late rapper with whom she shared a deep connection. “Got his daughter sitting there: ‘Please come back Tupac. I love you a lot so me and mommy could be happy.’ ”

The actress has been transparent about her love for Tupac and the grief she has faced over the years following his death in 1996. As a result, her transparency often has made Smith the punchline of jokes and appeared to fans as her backup plan — all of which prove to the comic that Pinkett Smith does not love the Oscar winner. “When a woman loves you there’s certain lines they just won’t cross.” 

Online, social media users offered a range of reactions to Earthquake’s take on the couple’s marriage. 

“Somebody had to say it,” wrote one person. 

“I agree. She prolly love him but she def not in love with him! They partnership just works,” wrote another. Others felt it was best to stay out of the couple’s relationship despite them making so much it available to the public. 

“Points were made but their marriage is their business.”

“He needs to not speak on others marriages. He doesn’t know if that woman loves him! & how was Jada to stop Will a grown man from walking up on that stage please tell me smh.”

At the start of the current season of the actress’ popular Facebook Watch series, a message suggested the Oscars fiasco would be addressed at some point. 

“They gonna be flipping that red table this season.”

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