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NYC Entrepreneur Believes You Don’t Have to ‘Move Out of Your Neighborhood to Live In a Better One,’ Opens Business In Low-Income South Bronx Community to Break the Cycle

Majora Carter is a different kind of entrepreneur and real estate developer. She brings businesses to blighted Black communities in hopes of revitalizing the area and employing the local residents. The urban revitalization strategist advises and partners on transformational real estate developments in the South Bronx and around the country. She is owner and founder of real estate consultancy Majora Carter Group.

Majora Carter, founder of Boogie Down Grind (Photo from

“My consulting practice in corporate settings as well as economic development across the U.S. illuminated some big gaps in the orthodox social justice strategy that many well-meaning activists, philanthropists, and government agency officials subscribe to,” Carter told NewsBreak.

“Successful companies practice talent retention. People familiar with your in-house culture, training, and ethos are people you can add to and build with. The more successful individuals get incentives to stay and earn leadership positions.”

She added, “But in low-status communities such as urban ghettos, former factory or mining towns, or Native American reservations, people there most often measure their success by how far they get away from the communities that raised them.”

She has implemented numerous economic development, technology and green-infrastructure projects and created policies and job training programs. In early 2022, Carter’s book, “Reclaiming Your Community: You Don’t Have to Move out of Your Neighborhood to Live in a Better One,” was published.

One of her ventures is the Boogie Down Grind in the Bronx. The Bronx is nicknamed in hip-hop circles “Boogie Down Bronx.” It is a hip-hop coffee shop and craft beer spot she owns and opened in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx.

Its mission to encourage more businesses to open in the economically troubled South Bronx has attracted locals and celebrities, including hip-hop icons DJ Kool Herc and Fab Five Freddy, to enjoy a cup of java and more. 

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