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‘I’m Just Another Sucka’: Judge Greg Mathis Puts Aside the Robe for Family Reality Show 

Judge Greg Mathis has inspired and transformed lives with his presence in his televised courtroom. 

Now, with more than 20 years with the gavel in his hand and several personal stories to tell, the legendary arbitrator is letting fans get a peek into his real life on his new show, “Mathis Family Matters.”

Linda Mathis, Judge Greg Mathis and their four children. Photo:: @lindareesemathis, @judgegregmathis/Instagram

Before bringing his judicial talents to television, the Detroit native was sworn in as Michigan’s 36th District Court judge. Mathis’ daytime court show “Judge Mathis” debuted in 1999; having aired 23 seasons, it is one of the longest-running court series. Mathis’ no-nonsense approach to presiding over cases has made him a fan favorite, and sometimes viral sensation for years.

Mathis said for more than a decade, Hollywood knocked on his door trying to gain his interest in showing more of his life. It wasn’t until his youngest son, Amir Mathis, managed to pitch and seal the deal on a reality show that the father of four finally got onboard.

“When the robe comes off, I’m just another sucka,” says Mathis in the official trailer. The concept is “fish out of water,” showing how the judge, his wife Linda Mathis, and their children Jada, Camara, Greg Jr. and Amir are a Detroit family that for the first time in 15 years are all living in the same city, Los Angeles, California. 

“We’ll be able to show America that even if you’re a professional family, all of us are professionals, we all have our degrees, we all each have our individual problems and challenges in life as well. Just like everybody else. You’re going to see that,” shared Mathis with “The Real” co-hosts Loni Love and Adrienne Bailon.

From dealing with adult children dealing with life after divorce, the crossroads of chasing a passion or building a legacy career, and Mathis in the throes of being a grandparent, the show promises that there is something for every viewer. 

The E! produced docu-series premieres June 19, with back-to-back episodes starting at 10 p.m.

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