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‘Somebody Take His Phone’: Solange’s Son Julez Denies Rumors He’s Going to be a Father After Messages with OnlyFans Personality Leak Online  

Singer Solange’s teen son, Daniel Julez Smith Jr., wants everyone to know he is not the father-to-be of his first child with anyone despite the chaotic leak of text messages on social media. 

The 17-year-old became a trending topic overnight on April 11 as screenshots of alleged texts between Julez and an OnlyFans personality named Adore — whose age is listed as 18 on Instagram — were circulated. Some of the messages read:

Daniel Julez Smith Jr. and his mother Solange Knowles. (Photo: @julezjsmithjr/Instagram, @mstinalawson/Instagram)

Adore: I can’t wait for us to have a kid

Julez: I want one so bad

Adore: Let’s have one

Julez: Give me like 10 more months

Adore goes on to inform Julez that if they have unprotected sex she will not entertain the idea of abortion or take the Plan B pill. Instead, she is willing to “just do it and pray.” Later messages imply that the two may have met up, and to Julez’s surprise, Adore stood firm in her stance on risking an unintended pregnancy. 

Unamused by Adore, Julez tells her that her decision “makes you much less attractive,” which ultimately lead to a heated exchange and the texts being blasted for the public to see. 

With fans of Solange, and Julez’s über-famous aunt Beyoncé thrown into the mix it did not take long for speculation of there being a possible pregnancy to spark a flood of commentary. 

“Mama Tina about to be a great grand mother and Beyoncé a great aunty.”

“He always in some type of mess”

“Well his mom had him at that age,” wrote another person insinuating that Solange’s teen pregnancy — which happened when she was 18 and married to her high school sweetheart — may have set a precedent. 

Julez shut down the rumors by sharing screenshots of the alleged exchange along with the following text overlay: “now usually I wouldn’t speak on this typa stuff but this time I’m not gonna let y’all drag my family for something that is fabricated. This text was from today, she wants y’all to know its fake..”

But for some the damage of reputation and messy situations that continue to surround the teen are too much to turn a blind eye to.

“WHERE IS BEYONCÉ  LEGAL TEAM,” and “Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s team need to step in somebody take his phone,” wrote two people hoping the teen’s famous aunt and uncle got help in burying the story. 

“Julez is going to be trouble when he gets in his 30s. These girls are going to do ANYTHING to be part of the Carter family. He going to learn!”

“We need to have an honest conversation about this kid. This isn’t the 1st or 2nd time a female came out with stuff like this about him,” commented another. Last year the teen and former Disney actress Skai Jackson were at the center of a brief media frenzy when it was revealed their near secret relationship was over. In the wake of the breakup Julez was accused of leaking compromising photos of Jackson as well as accusing her of cheating on him.

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