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‘I Have Not Grieved for My Son’: Ronald Greene’s Mother Makes Tearful Plea During Legislative Hearing on Son’s Death

The mother of a Black man who died during a confrontation with Louisiana state police said she is seeking justice for her son as lawmakers try to unravel the truth behind his death.

Mona Hardin testified before a special legislative committee charged with finding out what happened to Ronald Greene three years ago when he died during a high-speed chase outside Monroe, Louisiana. Mona told lawmakers she has not been at peace since then.

Ronald Greene (Family photo)

“I felt my son when he was dying. I woke up,” Hardin said in between tears.

Republican Louisiana House Speaker Clay Schexnayder created the bipartisan select committee to find answers. State troopers first told Greene’s family that the 49-year-old died after crashing into a tree and reported the same.

Two years later, body-worn camera footage showed state troopers tased, punched and dragged Greene by his shackled ankles. A second autopsy by the FBI supported the actions on the video footage.

Lawmakers on March 17, drilled former Louisiana State Police Superintendent Kevin Reeves about the significant difference in the agency’s account on the events that led up to Greene’s death.

“People saw this as a cover-up because the videos came out, and it was different from what they reported,” Rep. Denise Marcelle, D-Baton Rouge, said.

Greene’s family recently told Atlanta Black Star they would continue to fight for justice for their loved one. Hardin told the legislative panel she has yet to find closure after her son’s death.

“I have not grieved for my son. I have not buried my son,” Hardin said, struggling to speak. My son still sits in an urn.”

Reeves told the committee the initial autopsy showed Greene had a torn aorta and a separated spleen, which probably led to his death being classified as a car accident. He also said he only had high-level knowledge of the investigation, and he did not give the team direction or require them to provide him with daily updates.

“I want someone to conduct an investigation in an unfettered manner that represents what happened at a scene,” said Reeves.

Democrat Rep. Jason Hughes, D-New Orleans, said Reeves seemed like he was “grossly disengaged.”

The U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI are also investigating the case.

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