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‘Laughs is Crack for Me’: Comedian Marlon Wayans Reveals the Family Member Who Made Him Fall In Love with Comedy

Despite coming from entertainment’s funniest family, Marlon Wayans says he did not fall in love with the comedy because of his big brothers or sister. The actor reveals that his mother made him fall in love with the art form.

Wayans, the youngest of ten, says, remarkably, he fell in love with comedy before he could even walk.

In an interview with Los Angeles’ KTLA 5 to promote his recent stand-up gigs at the Irvine Improv, he said that he has an addiction to making people laugh.

“I definitely have an addiction to this comedy thing,” he says. “Laughs is crack for me.”

“Every time I get a laugh,” he says, hitting his arm like a drug fiend, “I’m like more … more … more!”

“Ever since I heard my mama laugh as an infant, I fell in love with comedy,” he confessed. “When she was having a bad day, I made her laugh. I was just like ‘Wow. That is an amazing feeling.’ My mom is gone now, she is watching from up there, but every time I hear a laugh, I feel like I am close to my mom. I love it.”

Elvira Wayans, Marlon’s mother, died in 2020 at the age of 81. The “Respect” actor announced her death on social media saying, “Losing you shattered me into 1000 pieces. I’m putting myself back together piece by piece. You will always be my glue. Miss you.” 

He made the post as a birthday tribute to her. 

During his first Mother’s Day and Father’s Day without her, he again gave beautiful tributes to the matriarch.

One post was simple and shouted out all of those spending this holiday without their mothers.

The other went deeper, saying, “Spent my Father’s Day thinking about my mother. It’s been one year an hour from now but it feels like forever yet feels like yesterday.” 

“I feel you with me i just miss your face, your hugs, your laugh, our talks, your knowledge your everything. I feel you lifting me creatively and professionally. Personally I’m growing. Inch by inch in the blueprint of the man you raised me to be,” he continued before saying, “I miss you woman.”

“Just know baby boy is gonna be alright. The greater the obstacle the sweeter the elixir such is the heroes journey. I love you mama… and i know that because i know you loved me too. Rest well. I’ll find you in heaven one day… see you in my dreams,” he concluded.

Marlon was born on the same day as his mother, July 23

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