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Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Apologizes for ‘Weak Moment’ After Throwing Food at Heckling 49ers Fan: ‘I Knew I Was Wrong’

The expression “that comes with the package” is definitely appropriate when discussing pro athletes and their families. Most family members know how to reap the benefits, stay out of the way and temper their social media expression.

Those who don’t can cause unnecessary problems for the family member who is caking it up in the league and also make that player the target of fans because of his family’s indiscretions. 

Some sports families are considered more camera hungry than others. Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson and fiancée Brittany Matthews come to mind. They both have a high social media presence, Brittany with her workout films and live documenting of her fabulous lifestyle  and recent venture into owning a NWSL team.

She also spent her weekend dragging her husband’s critics, like ESPN’s Ryan Clark, who said Mahomes was “broken.”

And Jackson has become somewhat of a TikTok star, dancing and posting videos anywhere he can, including on top of the Sean Taylor memorial on the day the WFT was retiring the legendary deceased safety’s number. 

Jackson caught some heat for that, but it wasn’t intentional. Sometimes the actions of family members and their interactions with fans can lead to some distracting news for the locker room. 

Privileged Pretzel Chucking | “I’m An Idiot”

The wife of L.A. Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford had one of those moments that can turn the fans on a player quickly. Stafford’s wife Kelly apologized for throwing a pretzel at a fan in an altercation she had with 49ers fans on Monday night. 

For more on Kelly Stafford’s full apology and her past history of offensive behavior, click here.

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