‘The Lifestyle They Live Effects Everyone’: Rapper Blueface’s Mother and Stepfather Attacked In Home Invasion, Authorities Suspect He Was the Target

Blueface may have been the intended target of a home invasion that left his mother and stepfather concerned for their safety. 

The rapper’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, and her husband Sterling Saffold first reported a break-in at their residence in Santa Clarita, California, around midnight on Oct. 22. According to TMZ, Karlissa and her husband were inside the home when a back window was busted. Responding officers took down a report only to find themselves back at the home hours later doing the same thing again.

Rapper Blueface and his mother Karlissa Saffold. (Photo: TMZ)

According to the couple, during the overnight hours intruders made their way into home. Sterling made his way to the downstairs level of the home where he encountered two of the four intruders. Sterling attempted to fight the two individuals but was ultimately struck in the head with an object. He suffered a concussion and lacerations to the left side of his face near the eye that required ten stitches. 

Karlissa was not reported as sustaining any injuries. It is also unclear if the suspects managed to get away with any valuables from the home.

Authorities have theorized that since the home is owned by the “Thotiana” rapper that the intruders’ M.O. was to not only get away with his belongings, but also to possible make contact with him. At this time the suspects remain at large as the investigation continues.

On social media, the attack came as no surprise to many. “Listen whe will they learn the lifestyle the live effects everyone around them,” wrote one person. “People getting more an more bold with these home invasions. These rappers might wanna keep security round the clock for them and their families,” commented another.

The 24-year-old rapper’s name has had a way of being intertwined with troublesome, violent altercations in recent history. Just two months ago he and two friends were allegedly caught on camera outside of a San Fernando Valley club assaulting a bouncer who refused to let him inside the venue without proper identification.

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