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‘It Gave Us a Chance to Go at It’: Steve Harris Opens Up About Sharing the Screen with His Little Brother Wood Harris for the First Time

For Steve Harris, being able to work as an actor is a win. And now the chance to work with his little brother, Wood Harris, who’s also an actor, makes for another win.

Steve, the older of the two acting siblings, has been appearing on television and movie screens since the mid-’80s and has starred in a number of notable projects, including “Sugar Hill,” “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and “Minority Report.” 

Steve Harris and Wood Harris attending the Broadway Opening Night After Party for ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ on 4/22/2012 at the Copacabana in New York City. (Photo by Walter McBride/Corbis via Getty Images)

Though Wood, who has starred in a number of hit series such as HBO’s “The Wire” and the Damon Dash and Jay-Z produced crime drama, “Paid in Full,” got his start only a few years later, the Chicago natives have never shared any screen time together until a recent episode of 50 Cent’s Starz series “BMF.” 

During the Sunday, Oct. 27 episode, Steve, who co-stars as Ecorse Police Det. Vaughn Bryant, got into a heated dispute with Wood’s character, Pat, who plays a drug dealer.

While talking to TVLine, Steve opened up about episode five of the popular crime family drama, telling the outlet, “50 has a lot of fondness and respect for both of our careers, as does Randy [Higgin- showrunner].” He added, “They really wanted to put us together and create a scene that would allow us to play with each other, which no one has actually ever seen. We’ve never played opposites in a scene. It gave us a chance to go at it. This truly was a highlight,” he added.  

Steve also revealed that he and Wood were given some creative freedom to really make their scene as authentic as it could be. “They wrote it, and my brother and I made it ours,” he said. “Working with Wood is a pleasure,” the 55-year-old said of working with his  52-year-old sibling. 

“There have been so many years when we didn’t work together. Hell, some people still don’t know we’re brothers, even to this day. Given that the show is about brothers and family, it made sense. Family has always been first for us. So to get the opportunity to play off each other gives me an added layer of appreciation. It was really cool that they gave that to us, and I’m hoping they’ll give us more to do in Season 2.”

Even after all these years, fans were still surprised to hear the two men were related and were more surprised to know that this opportunity makes for the first time of their acting together.

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