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‘One of the Dumbest Moments In History’: Jaleel White Shares Frustrations with Lunch Setup Due to COVID-19 Protocol on Set

Actor Jaleel White is not thrilled about the lunch seating arrangement while on set of a new project.

In a video shared to social media, masked White showed off a large warehouse filled with rows, and rows, and rows of individual desks and chairs intended for members of the set to enjoy a socially distanced lunch.

“Yo, this is one of the dumbest moments in history, and I want this s—t recorded,” states White. “It’s beautiful, but it’s dumb. … They’ve got us lined up like we in a big-ass class.”

The actor then pans his phone to show where various members of the production are lined up in the front of the room picking up their meals. He goes on to explain that once seated, “We all have to face forward. We can’t sit across from each other at tables like normal for lunch.”

He goes on to show his hairstylist Greg sitting at a desk in the back of the “class” before pointing to his own desk, also in the back of the “class.”

“This is one of the dumbest moments in history, get frickin’ vaccinated you a-sholes,” he said through laughter. Already expecting some pushback in the comments, he continued, “They gone start cussing my ass out ,saying, ‘You’re trampling over my freedoms.’ If you don’t this is what’s going to happen, we’re all going to have to eat lunch in class for the rest of our lives. This is crazy. man.”

But all semblance of a good lunch was not lost. Despite feeling as though he had returned to his younger scholastic days, White pointed out his meal consisted of a lobster roll, baked potato, asparagus, a soup, and a decadent chocolate dessert. “You see the food though is lit, OK!”

The former child actor did not reveal any details about his latest project, however he was dressed in an NBA polo, hinting that his role could be any member of a fictional team. According to his IMDB page, his most current project is listed as “North of 10” — a comedic drama about a group of five friends, one of whom is pursuing international love. 

In September the “Family Matters” star announced he would again reprise his notable role as the love-struck nerd Steve Urkel for an animated holiday special. 

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