Tamar Braxton Sued By Pantheon Talent Group for Allegedly Not Paying Thousands In Commissions

Reality star Tamar Braxton will head to court again in Los Angeles this month. Her agents filed a lawsuit late last year. The claim says she cheated them out of their commissions on some of her recent projects.

According to Pantheon Talent Group, Braxton owes them 10 percent on every project including $7,500 per episode on “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!” The allegations extend all the way back to 2015, when the talent agency claims that they entered into a verbal contract with Braxton. Court documents obtained by Atlanta Black Star claim the agency is also seeking commissions from “Catch a Beautician,” earning Braxton $30,000 per episode, and “Hip Hop Squares,” earning Braxton $17,350. 

Photo: Tamar Braxton tells followers she is making positive changes to her life. @tamarbraxton/Instagram

Braxton fired back by contesting these claims. She argued that the individual agent who is seeking the commissions, Nick Roses, is not a licensed talent agent. This is required by law in order to be official representation in the state of California. Braxton also made the argument that Pantheon Talent Group and its agents were not responsible for getting her the roles on the shows mentioned. Therefore, they are not entitled to any commissions at all. 

Back when she was developing the show “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!” Braxton said she was making it about her life and how independent she was. She wanted it to show how difficult it was to put together a single album. There also were big romantic changes going on in her life as well, and she wanted fans to see what her life was like since her ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, left the picture and she started dating David Adefeso. 

“I’m a single mom and also running my businesses all myself,” she said during an Instagram Live session in March of last year. “Without an agent. Without a manager, but also elevating. And that’s the reason why I don’t have an agent or a manager because sometimes you outgrow situations that keep you stifled and down.”

It’s pretty clear Braxton intends to be independent and paving her own way in her projects going forward. Reportedly, a court has put the lawsuit on hold and she and Roses in front of a labor commissioner to see if she really owes him or Pantheon Talent Group anything. 

Braxton is not one to take a hit lying down. Despite her recent TikTok shadowboxing videos, she knows how to fight with words. She recently took to Twitter to respond to a follower’s aggressive comments about her new role as a host on “Baddies: ATL.” The Twitter user had asked why she would be hosting on the type of reality TV show that “killed” her, a comment that Braxton had made about her time on “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!”


“While I know you are not worth the response because clearly you haven’t done your homework… to answer your dumb question.. NO!..all the greats have hosted #1 reality reunion shows,” Braxton said. 

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