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‘Mad ‘Cause We Got 15 Flash Passes’: Lil Boosie Goes Off, Declares He Will Build His Own Water Park After Getting Kicked Out of Six Flags

Rapper Lil Boosie is not feeling Six Flags White Water at the moment. 

What was supposed to be a fun day at the park with his children turned to Boosie getting kicked out of the amusement park. On Friday, July 23, a livid Boosie blasted the park’s employees on his Instagram page and even called them racist.

Lil Boosie goes off on Six Flags. (Photo: @boosienewig/Instagram)

Sitting In his car shirtless, Boosie began his angry rant to his phone saying, “F-ck White Water you racist b–ches.” Directing his attention to a specific unknown employee at the water, he continued, “Yea I was finna spit ‘Yea I was finna spit in your face b-tch. F-ck White Water. You racist motherf–kers.” 

Boosie never fully explained what the events were that led up to him getting kicked out but he insinuated that the employees had a problem with him and the people he went to the park with having flash passes, which are passes that allow park goers to get in a skip line. 

The 38-year-old later said, “B–ches be mad ’cause we got 15 flash passes, skipping everybody in the line. B–ch get your money up.” He later added, “B–ches mad because how we living,” and also told the anonymous employee to “stop hating.”

Further dragging the park, the “Set It Off” rapper alleged that their “Dirty a– water” “had fleas in it anyway” and added that it was “pi–y.”

It appears that whatever took place at the water park had Boosie very upset because hours after the incident, he went back on Instagram and briefly addressed the issue some more. After preparing to smoke, he got up from his seat to show his followers his back yard, which had a pool and wide area with his name engraved in the grass. He said, “B–ch I’m building my own Six Flags.”

It’s not clear who all Boosie had with him at the park or how long they were there for, but for now it seems he will not be going back to Six Flags White Water for a while. 

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