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‘We Pay You to Tell JOKES’: Mo’Nique Hits Back at ‘Slick’ Fans Who Tell Her to ‘Mind the Business That Pays You’ Amid Bonnet Debate

Mo’Nique is back with another video for her “sweet babies.” This time, it got many laughing and siding with her rather than critiquing her, like when she went on her bonnet rant.

In a recent Instagram Live video, Mo’Nique discussed with her audience the phrase “Mind the business that pays you,” which is a phrase that the new generation uses to say “mind your business.” At the beginning of the Live, the comedian admitted that the saying was not just something that she heard, but it was something she was told.

Mo’Nique shares her thoughts on the phrase ‘Mind the business that pays you.’ (Photo: @monique/Instagram)

“Some of the babies done said it to me,” she said, “being slick in their mouth.” She did not specify the reason why people have told her that, but it could possibly stem from her moment of being in the headlines after telling women that they should not go out in public in their bonnets, robes and pajamas.

Mo’Nique went on to explain that the phrase is something she pondered on for some time. The 53-year-old said, “I had to think about what was being said, ‘Mind the business that pays you’ right? And I really put my mind to that.”

Apparently, after taking some time to think about it, the actress has concluded that she does, in fact, mind the business that pays her. She said with a chuckle, “Well y’all pay me. I’m an entertainer. You babies pay us as entertainers. Without y’all we don’t work. So that’s why I’m minding your business. Y’all are telling me ‘mind the business that pays you.’ Well, sh-t. As the young people say ‘Facts.’ ” She said, “F–king facts” before the video was cut.

Many fans couldn’t help but laugh with the Academy Award-winning actress. One person said, “Well I mean 🤷🏽‍♀️😂she right,” and someone else said, “Now she has a good point here nie 🤣.”

Of course, others, who may not have quite forgiven Mo’Nique for the bonnet rant, did not like her explanation. One critic said, “So she didn’t read nor understand the assignment…… We pay you to tell JOKES…. Keep the ‘Pearls of wisdom’ on a strand….” Another wrote, “No but good try auntie.”

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