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Africa’s Largest Independent Comic Book Publisher Lands Film and TV Production Deal, Seeks to Educate Audiences on ‘the Positive Global Influence of Africa’

Make way Black Panther! A whole new crop of African superheroes soon is set to head to audiences, courtesy of Africa’s largest independent comic book publisher.

Comic Republic, distributors of “Guardian Prime” and “Ndoli,” has signed a production deal with Emagine Content and JackieBoy Entertainment that will see many of the African superhero stories in its catalog adapted for film and television.

Created in 2013, the company’s goals are to “shape the perception of the African continent through the high-quality art we create for consumers around the world,” and “to portray a positive global influence of Africa and negate previous misconceptions.”

“It’s a great time to be alive. We are in a world where diversity has taken center stage,” Jide Martin, CEO of Comic Republic told The Hollywood Reporter of the deal. “We are thrilled to be working with Emagine Content and Jackie Boy to bring our heroes and stories to the big screen but mostly because we get the chance to be a part of black history.”

The first project planned under the agreement is a feature film adaptation of Ireti, “the story of a university student in Ibadan, Nigeria blessed with superpowers,” and the “first African female superhero,” according to the companies.

“This deal is a major push towards diversity on the silver screen for black superheroes,” Emagine CEO Ben Phelps said in a statement. “The time is now to showcase heroes of all different backgrounds…The ability to create role models for future generations to come is a unique opportunity that comes with an important responsibility to make sure the storytelling is authentic. For us, finding a partnership that is looking to be a disruptive force with good morals is everything.”

Comic Republic fans were thrilled to find out that a greater number of varied Black stories could be coming to their screens or local theaters in coming years.

Comic Republic announces its exciting news on Instagram, alongside an image of the star of the brand’s first film, Ireti. Photo Credit: @comicrepublicmedia

“💃💃💃💃 wow, congratulations are in order. This is really one for the books. Good job, team!”

“Congratulations, guys! This is groundbreaking!🔥🔥🔥”

“This is what I have been waiting to hear for a long time now😍”

A projected date for the release of the “Ireti” feature film has yet to be announced.

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