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‘Vivica Wouldn’t Have Complained’: Cuban Link’s New Post Playfully Calling Out 50 Cent for This Gets Derailed After Fans Bring Up His Ex Vivica A. Fox

Not only does 50 Cent exude his trolling way onto his enemies and friends, but the rapper apparently trolls his girlfriend Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines as well.

She posted a photo of a small pink Balenciaga purse that was the same size as her phone. Under the July 12 photo, she wrote, “.. this the typa sht he get me when he mad at me .. 😒😒😒 Wth I’m supposed to do with this lil sht CURTIS !!!!! 😡 stop playing w. meeee.. 😤 #littleassbag !! #petty 🤨.”

(L-R): Cuban Link and 50 Cent (Photo: @_cuban_link/Instagram)

While many fans laughed at Cuban’s post because they were aware that it was a joke, others criticized her for what they believed was her complaining. “He’s mad at you AND Still bought you something… GIRL BYE,” said one person. Others described her as “Ungrateful” and even said she was “soooo corny.”

Of course, the critiques wouldn’t go on too long before someone brought up seasoned actress Vivica A. Fox, 56, who is also 50 Cent’s notable ex. “Vivica wouldn’t have complained 😮……. Take aunty back fif,” said one person while another wrote, “Vivica would neva!”

This comes after the former couple has had very public disputes since their 2003 relationship ended. Fox explained in a recent VladTV interview that their relationship took a turn because they went “way too public way too fast.” Despite years of trolling each other on television and social media, Fox said that 50 “was the love of my life,” a statement she’s said more than once before.

(L-R): Throwback photo of 50 Cent and Vivica Fox (Photo: @msvfox/Instagram)

When that snippet of the interview dropped in May on TheShadeRoom, Cuban commented “.. aww” with a violin emoji and a face surrounded by hearts emoji. Fox, who never backs down from a dispute, quickly explained that what the clip did not show was the “Set It Off” actress acknowledging that he was in a new relationship with someone who is “beautiful” and “hot.”

When the full interview dropped, Fox showed the part where she complimented Cuban. She even said she was “happy” for 50 Cent and said, “I hope he puts a ring on her finger and they live happily ever after.” Cuban apologized to Fox saying, “.. Humorous comment Bad timing that’s all..! Now with knowing all of the information, it’s no so funny! I take the blame for the all the commotion! I apologize ♥️😘😘 #MuchLovvee.”

50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson, and Cuban Link have been together since 2019.

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