Shonda Rhimes and Netflix Expand Partnership to Include Video Games and Virtual Reality Content

Shonda Rhimes knowing her worth is continuing to pay off with a Netflix future that’s looking brighter than ever. The media mogul’s partnership with the streaming giant has proven so successful thus far that the network has opted to expand the breadth of work they enable Shonda to produce beyond films and television shows.

Shonda Rhimes is loving her life over at Netflix. (Photo: Netflix)

Following the success of her hit series “Bridgerton,” Netflix and Rhimes have signed off on a deal that expands her current deal with her Shondaland production company, as well as her long-standing producing partner Betsy Beers. The new agreement will give Netflix and Shondaland Media the opportunity to exclusively produce, stream and distribute feature films as well potential gaming and virtual reality content. 

The pact currently includes a branding and merchandise deal for Shondaland Media content, which will now add live events and experiences.

“When Ted [Sarandos, Netflix co-CEO] and I decided to break the traditional network TV business model to move Shondaland to Netflix, we were both taking a leap into the unknown. Today, Shondaland at Netflix is creatively thriving, profitable as an asset, and engaging audiences around the world with stories that fearlessly challenge viewers and keep them highly entertained all at once,” said Rhimes in a statement. “Ted, Bela [Bajaria, Netflix chief of global television], and the entire team at Netflix have been tremendous partners during every step of the process, supporting my creative vision and showing a continued dedication to the innovation that has made Netflix such a powerhouse. The Shondaland team and I are thrilled and excited to be expanding our relationship with our content partners at Netflix.”

Rhimes, who made the decision to trade in her relationship with ABC for a groundbreaking nine-figure deal with Netflix following a Disneyland park pass denial, has been delivering quality content on the platform since the deal was announced in 2020.

Bridgerton” is now Netflix’s “biggest series ever” and, along with being renewed through seasons 3 and 4, its highly-anticipated second season is set to premiere in 2022. Fans can also look forward to Rhimes’ upcoming “Bridgerton” spinoff series based on the origins of Queen Charlotte, and limited series “Inventing Anna,” starring Laverne Cox, Julia Garner, and Anna Chlumsky.

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