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‘Welcome Handsome Boys’: Usain Bolt and His Girlfriend Kasi Bennett Reveal Their Twin Boys, Shares Their Unique Names

Usain Bolt is not only quick on the track, he also isn’t taking his time with creating his progeny.

About 13 months after having a daughter with his girlfriend Kasi Bennett, the Olympic medalist announced on Father’s Day that he is now the father of three after Bennett recently gave birth to their twin boys.

Usain Bolt and his girlfriend Kasi Bennett share photos of their newborn sons. (Photo: @usainbolt/Instagram)

He posted a beautiful family photo sitting next to Bennett with their daughter Olympia sitting in between their two sons. The caption, which reveals his sons’ unique names, reads, “Olympia Lightning Bolt ⚡️ Saint Leo Bolt ⚡️ Thunder Bolt ⚡️ @kasi.b.” Bennett uploaded a few posts of her own, with the first being a cute video revealing the two had twins. The second included two pictures; one was the same family photo Bolt posted and the other was similar, except the couple was looking at each other. The third slide showed the two of them lying down smiling with their daughter while their sons sat in small cradles.

Fans were pleasantly surprised by the news and wrote their congratulations to the athlete. One person said, “This is how u keep a secret. Privacy at its finest. Congratulations to u both. Welcome handsome boys ❤️.” Another excited fan wrote, “WOW BLESSINGS TO BOTH CONGRATULATIONS. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FATHER’S DAY SIR BOLT.”

Other peeping fans were curious to know if the couple was engaged after spotting a ring on Bennett’s finger. One person said, “Congratulations!! Is that a ring on the finger,” while another wrote “Congratulations to both. Happy Fathers Day boss. I sense on a wedding on the horizon..😍😍😍.”

Earlier this year, Bolt opened up about fathering his daughter Olympia. He told USA Today that if his daughter happened to want to follow in his footsteps and run track, he would “would just explain to her how track and field is, because it’s tough.” He added, “It consumes your time a lot. You have to work hard. So I would explain to her what it takes to be a track athlete, and then she can decide for herself if she wants to do it or not.”

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