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‘The Genes Are Uncanny’: Jaleel White Shares Photo with His Daughter and Father, Fans Point Out the Crazy Resemblance

Like millions of other people in the world did on Sunday, “Family Matters” star Jaleel White posted a tribute to his father on Father’s Day.

His post was three slides long and contained two photos and a video. The first photo was a cute throwback photo of a young White sitting in his father Michael White’s lap with matching afros. In the next photo, a little more grown-up version of White was pictured standing next to his father as they wore matching tuxedos.

Jaleel White posts photos of his father for Father’s Day. (Photo: @jaleelwhite/Instagram)

The video showcased his father teaching his granddaughter and White’s daughter, Samaya White, a little bit of math. The caption reads, “He didn’t help me much with my style back then 😂 but he loaded me up with a whole lotta character and math tutoring 😉 #happyfathersday, pop 🦷 #whendisneylandwasaffordable #yourgrandfathergameiskindanicetho #imustsay.”

Fans commented on the resemblance between White and his father. One person wrote, “I guess we know who you got you looks from 😍.” Someone else said, “Yooooooo 🔥 the genes are uncanny with this post 🙌 so many gorgeous generations 💜 happy fathers day to you and yours!” Several people even made comments about the similarities between the men’s voices. One person said, “Damn u talk n look just like ya pops that’s crazy lol.”

Jaleel White and his daughter Samaya White. (Photo: @jaleelwhite/Instagram

Earlier this year, White spoke on an episode of “Uncensored” about how his father had to intervene when his cast mates Jo Marie Payton and Reginald VelJohnson became vocal about their disapproval of White playing Myrtle Mae Urkel. Myrtle Mae — a recurring character on the show over the years — was Steve Urkel’s comedic Southern belle cousin.

He said, “They let me know that I was not doing our race a service by putting on that yellow dress. He later added that because of their comments, he “cried like a baby at the end of that taping.” Dubbing his father “a great father” he said, “My dad just rose up like a lion and was like ‘I’ve watched my son deal with this sh-t all week to pull off this performance and he will never play this character again. You got it once, you’re done. But he shouldn’t have to carry the burden of some adults making a child feel bad for playing a girl just in fun.'”

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