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‘You Better Slay’: Miss Robbie of Sweetie Pie’s Soul Food Restaurant Has a New Look, Drops New Music Video In Time for 81st Birthday

Robbie Montgomery proved that age is nothing but a number on Wednesday, June 16, after the reality star uploaded a photo of herself grinning from ear to ear as she commemorated her 81st birthday.

In the post captioned, “Happy Birthday To Me🎂Chapter 81,” many fans complimented Montgomery, who was wearing an all-white ensemble with black fishnets and black boots, on how incredible she looked. In addition to the initial post, Montgomery informed her followers a week before her birthday that the video for her new track titled “Aint My Stuff Good Enough” has been released.

Robbie Montgomery shared a new post alongside a new music video for her single “Ain’t My Stuff Good Enough” to commemorate her 81st birthday. Photo:@msrobbiesweetiepies/Instagram

Upon viewing the new uploads, fans kept mentioning how they wish to look as good as she does.

“Look at them legs!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ lord, let me make it to 81 #withapairlikethat😍😍😍😍.”

“81 where?!?! Happy Blessed Birthday Ms. Robbie!!!!!”

“Come thru “fish nets black panty hose…”

“You better slay Ms. Robbie!❤️🔥.”

“Alright now Ms. Robbie!!! You look FABULOUS!!! Those boots & your entire outfit are EVERYTHING!!

While most of Montgomery’s fans praised her appearance, others provided feedback on the single. One wrote, “Great song, Ms. Robbie!!! You look amazing!!!!❤️❤️.”Another said, “Alright now Ms Robbie. Don’t hurt em.” An Instagram user told the reality star how excited they were to see her vision come to light. “So great to see your dream come to fruition @msrobbiesweetiepies. You are an amazing example of tenacity and focus! Thank you for you!”

Montgomery’s singing career began in 1954 after she graduated high school when she began singing professionally for the Ardettes. She later sang background for Ike and Tina Turner’s “Fool in Love” in 1959. Two years later, in 1961, she joined the band as an Ikette until 1968. Montgomery didn’t join the culinary business until 1998 where she opened Sweetie Pie’s Soul Food restaurant. The restaurant that opened in 2002 was named the number-one soul food restaurant in New Orleans. Nine years later in 2011, a TV show, “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” about the restaurant premiered on OWN network.

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