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Cuban-American Parent Pulls Child Out of New York Private School After Video That ‘Openly Humiliates and Ridicules’ White Women Is Shown to Students, Megyn Kelly Chimes In

An angry parent penned a scathing letter to officials at her daughter’s former private school in New York, announcing she was pulling her child out of the school after a classroom showing of a video that exemplifies “hate speech against white women.”

The letter was shared on Twitter by conservative commentator Megyn Kelly, who pulled her own daughter out of the same institution, The Spence School in New York City, last year.

“We just left this school bc of its growing far-left indoctrination. This is a place we’ve loved-breaks my heart they’re doing this,” Kelly said about the letter, claiming white women were attacked in the “grossly racist episode.”

According to the letter written by parent Gabriela Baron, a Cuban-American who graduated from Spence herself in 1989, Baron was ecstatic when her daughter was accepted to the school and began attending in 2012, calling it “the most important and lasting gift I could ever give her.”

Spence, an elite K-12 on the Upper East Side, charges more than $57,000 in tuition.

But Baron went on to say that her daughter’s last day at Spence is already behind her, as frustration over the school’s handing of racist had grown over the year. Baron said that during her daughter’s final history class, she was forced to watch a video by Ziwe Fumudoh that “openly derides, humiliates, and ridicules white women.”

Ziwe Fumudoh is an actress and writer who hosts a new Showtime variety show that explores race, class, and cultural issues through satire and biting commentary.

Ziwe is an actress and writer who hosts a comedic new Showtime variety series that explores racial issues. (Photo: Showtime/ YouTube screenshot)

In the episode in question, a season premiere called “55%,” Ziwe discussed the phenomenon of white women, 55% of whom voted for Donald Trump, as she interviews writer Fran Lebowitz and hosts a focus group for real women named Karen.

“What percentage of white women do you hate?” Ziwe asked Lebowitz at one point.

During a skit, one white woman encourages another to allow her daughter to play with dolls from the “American Girl Dolls Imperial Wives Collection” which features dolls “inspired by the wives of history’s most important colonizers.” One doll is married to a man who steals rubber from the African Congo and comes with “blood on her hands” under her gloves.

Ziwe also read the Urban Dictionary definition for “Karen” at one point, which included the phrase, “obnoxious, angry and entitled, often racist, white women.”

“I cannot understand why my daughter and her classmates were required to sit through this blatantly racist video,” Baron wrote. Astounded by the fact that a Spence faculty member felt comfortable showing the video, Baron explained that, according to their understanding, no explanation was provided about why the video was shown as it did not connect to prior lessons.

“It appears to have been just a gratuitous display of racist hate speech directed at white women,” Baron wrote.

“After watching the video I feel like I have been gut-punched and I am extremely angry. Angry that our daughter’s last day at Spence — my alma mater and the school I thought I would one day see her graduate from — ended on this note.”

She noted that she had previously complained to school officials when her daughter was in a lower grade that she was required to make “politically-oriented protest posters.”

Baron asserted that if the video had ridiculed “Asian women, Black women or Hispanic women, The Spence community would have declared with one voice that it was blatantly racist.”

Baron continued, “take a moment to consider what the reaction would be. Is Ziwe’s video somehow not racist and acceptable to Spence because it attacks whites?”

Expressing regret about the money she’s donated to the school, Baron continued, “I feel insulted humiliated and used.” She added, “Spence has lost its way.”

Spence has been criticized by other conservative parents in recent months. In February, Megyn Kelly announced she was pulling her three children out of the private New York schools they attended because they had taken a “hard left” turn. Her sons attended the Collegiate School while her daughter is believed to have attended Spence.

Billionaire John Paulson wrote a letter to the school attended by his daughters in 2017, accusing the school of “anti-white indoctrination.”
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