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Samuel L. Jackson Doesn’t Hold Back When Naming His Top-Five Films Starring Himself

Samuel L. Jackson is not shy when it comes to watching himself on screen.

On Thursday, a clip of Jackson appearing as a guest on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” surfaced and in the clip, he shared which movies of his made it to his top-five list. Jackson’s movie catalog is a lengthy one since he’s been on the big screen from the ’80s to present day, and in that time has played a role in almost 150 movies.

Samuel L. Jackson names which of his movies made his top-five list. (Photo: @samuelljackson/Instagram)

Without hesitation, Jackson’s first pick of his top five favorite movies is the 1996 film “The Long Kiss Goodnight.” He quickly followed up with the rest of his list, which is “A Time to Kill,” “Jackie Brown,” “Red Violin,” and “One Eight Seven.” Colbert then asked Jackson to name the top five movies “that can or cannot include Sam Jackson in it.” He replied with a mix of crime/drama and action films that did not include him, which are “The Raid,” “The Godfather,” “Hard Boiled,” “Hoodlum,” and “The Berlin File.”

Despite being in several movies in the last four decades, Jackson’s choice of top five Samuel L. Jackson movies all seem to range within the late ’90s. In the time of his career, he has gained an undeniable legendary reputation in the film industry. He’s not only played in a range of live film genres, but he’s also shown how versatile he can be by being a voice actor in animated movies like “The Incredibles.”

However, even with the career he has had, the 72-year-old actor still remains humble and won’t accept the title of being a legend. Last year, he interviewed with “Entertainment Weekly” and explained why he doesn’t like people using the term to describe him. He said, “Legends are people who accomplish things that can’t be accomplished by other people, or did something that’s super extraordinary. I just persevered through hard work and doggedness to get where I am.”

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