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Phaedra Parks Reveals That Her Car Was Broken Into, Thieves Stole Gift from Her Former ‘RHOA’ Co-Star and Other ‘Sentimental’ Valuables

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks took to Instagram on June 2 to disclose that her Mercedes-Benz was broken into as she ran an errand in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. Parks displayed the exact address on her location tag, 800 Miami Cir NE, in a plea to recover her stolen items. She said the valuables included a backpack that her former “RHOA” co-star Porsha Williams gifted her and a Canon camera with a memory card that had her sons’ recent graduation pictures. 

In the post, Parks said while including an additional image of the model of the vehicle that the two unnamed suspects were allegedly in, “Tonight at exactly 7:02pm during daylight someone (2 guys) broke into my car on Miami Circle exactly 11 minutes after I got out to drop off an item. They jumped through the passenger window and broke my glove compartment which was empty and he took the gold glitter backpack @porsha4real gave to me for my birthday which had my Canon camera in it with my sons recent graduation pictures on the memory card. You can’t see in my car I have 360 limo tint, the items they took are sentimental to me if you have any info please DM me 🙏🏾🥺 thanks @atlscoop”

Phaedra Parks reveals that her car was broken into as she was running errands in Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead district. @phaedraparks/Instagram

Upon hearing Parks’ news, fans expressed shock. A couple mentioned how they were relieved that she wasn’t harmed, while others hoped the mother of two gets her items returned. 

“OMG! That’s low down and dirty! MY God! I’m glad glad you’re safe!♥️🙏🏿”


Phaedra Parks shows the model of the vehicle that the two unidentified thieves were traveling in. Photo:@phaedraparks/Instagram

“Wow! I hope you are able to get back your items. We live in an evil world. Things like this happen more than often. It’s sad!”

“I’m sorry this happened I pray that you get your items back 💛.”

“Smh, what’s wrong with people 🤦🏾‍♀️.”

In Buckhead, which is a residential and business district on Atlanta’s north side, crime rates, especially car theft, have been rising. In the Atlanta Police Department 2020 COBRA report of the 4,494 incidents reported in the area, 46.7 percent of those crimes are vehicle robberies.

Singer Akon recently became part of that statistic when his car was stolen at a gas station in Buckhead on May 24. The incident took place at a gas station where the singer left his vehicle running at the pump while he was inside the station. The unidentified suspect reportedly hopped in the singer’s white Range Rover and took off. A short time following that incident, Akon’s vehicle was later located and recovered. 

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