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‘It’s Lazy and Insulting’: Warner Brothers Allegedly Want Black Superman Star and Director But Some Wonder If It’s a Distraction

Warner Brothers is reportedly seeking to make a Blackity Black Black Superman film, with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates already signed on to pen the project, but fans aren’t convinced that the motivation is diversity as much as it is a distraction.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “insiders” have been whispering that Warner and DC are “committed to hiring a Black director to tackle what will be the first cinematic incarnation of Superman featuring a Black actor.”

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES – 2019/05/30: Ta-Nehisi Coates speaking at BookExpo in New York City. (Photo by Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Although Coates’ script isn’t expected to be delivered until mid-December, it is already being said that the film will not be part of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). THR sources have dished that Coates’ Kal-El will be more similar to the original Superman comics, however one option being considered is a 20th century spin on the tale.

Fans aren’t convinced that the timing of the announcement, and project as a whole, aren’t simply attempts to deflect the negative attention the franchise has been receiving following racial misconduct allegations made by Cyborg actor Ray Fisher.

“Mr. Marz, as a black man, I love the idea of a black superman but the fact that we had three recent well known black supermen that WB could use but chose to make clark black to cover their asses for the sh–ty treatment of their black employees speak alot of volume.”

“I was SUPER (heh) excited about a Black Superman. I am not excited about hiring a Black actor to just play the same character as a white actor. I accept Superman is an alien. I don’t accept a Black kid having the same life experiences/becoming the exact adult a white kid does.”

“1. It’s disingenuous and is just a deflection for how Ray Fisher was treated. 2. There are characters that are already black (some are even Superman!) that they could be making a movie for instead of lazy raceswapping. 3. It’s lazy and insulting.”

Fisher called out Justice League director Joss Whedon and WB execs, citing racial insensitivity and discrimination. He revealed he was told by “a witness who participated in the investigation that [‘Justice League’ producer and former co-chairman of DC Films Geoff] Johns and other top executives, including then-DC Films co-chairman Jon Berg and Warner studio chief Toby Emmerich, had discussions in which they said they could not have ‘an angry Black man’ at the center of the film.”

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