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‘You Messed Up Your Own Damn Family’: Kandi Burruss Claps Back at ‘Side Chick’ Accusations by Her Older Daughter’s Father

Kandi Burruss responded to “side chick” claims by hip-hop executive and father of her eldest child, Riley. Burruss addressed the issue during a Monday, April 26, episode of “Speak on It.” This comes a couple of months after Riley’s father, Russell “Block” Spencer — during a February radio interview — referred to Burruss as a side chick and accused her of ruining his family. 

Burruss was candidly discussing how she related to the struggles of her “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Drew Sidora; Sidora’s challenges related to her time as a single parent as shared during the season-13 reunion special. 

Kandi Burruss clapped back at Block’s side chick claims in a new episode of “Speak on It.” @kandionline/YouTube Screenshot

The Xscape singer told her Kandi Koated manager DonJuan Clark at the 3:17 mark of the conversation that Block was single around the time the former couple briefly dated in 2001.

She said, “To be clear he was not married to his first baby mama at all. They was never married; they lived together and had kids together. They were never married.”

Burruss added that during their relationship, she heard rumors that the Block Entertainment founder was “kicking it” with the mother of his first two children, and when she asked him if they were still “dating” he would reply “no.” 

“Mind you, when I dated him, it was not for a long period of time, and the reason why I found out … like a couple of people had told me that they had heard he was still kicking it with his kid’s mom. So I asked him multiple times, are you still dating her? And he’s like no.”

The “RHOA” star said she found out the truth when she checked his voicemail and heard the mother of his children calling Block “babe” and telling him “I love you” at the end of the call. Following that revelation, she questioned Block once again and received the same response. Burruss then decided to call the unnamed woman to confirm her suspicions, which she ultimately proved.

The mother of three stated the reason why she’s even addressing this situation is because of what she considers false narrative shared by Block in February. He did an interview with Hot 107.9, during which he shared his take on his relationship with Burruss. “He’s been online telling everybody the story about ‘Oh I called trying to mess up his family.’ I’m like you’re lying ass. Basically, you messed your own damn family trying to date multiple women at the same time.”

At the end of her comments, she reiterated the only reason she called the mother of his children was because he wasn’t completely honest about the status of his relationship. Burruss also said once she found out the truth, she cut all intimate ties with him.

During the Hot 107.9 interview, Block shared his take on his relationship with Burruss and accused her of calling his “girl” behind his back and starting drama.

He said, “When I was dealing with Kandi, I already had a family. So, I had a daughter outside of that. Then, when you go behind my back and you call my girl at home and tell her you pregnant… Now my girl at home said, ‘B–h, f–k you.’ So now, I’m caught up in the beef.”

Kandi and Riley burruss. Photo:@kandi/Instagram

“Many fans believed and defended Burruss. One even wrote that Block was using the “RHOA” star’s name for clout.

“I believe KANDI. She’s not the lying type.”

“Dude clouting on Kandi’s name. That’s all that is. We don’t believe you, block head.”

“I believe Kandi! Men been telling these same stories forever! The script doesn’t change!”

“To quote Kandi . The lies ….!!!! The lies ….!!! Yeah he lying.”

Following their breakup over two decades ago, Burruss went on to marry Todd Tucker — whom she initially met on the set of “RHOA” — in 2014 in a “Coming to America”-themed wedding in Atlanta. She and Todd have welcomed two children: Ace Tucker, 5, and 1-year-old Blaze Tucker via surrogate.

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