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Virginia Woman Loses Her Job After Viral Video Captures Her Going Off on Black Neighbor About Not Being ‘the Right Color’

A Virginia woman is out of a job after a viral video of her telling a Black resident she was “not the right color” surfaced on social media earlier this week, The Progress-Index newspaper reported. 

The 30-second edited video was shared across Facebook showing a white woman, whose identity has not yet been confirmed, in the middle of a heated exchange with a Black neighbor, Laquetta Good, in the community of Colonial Heights, Virginia.

In the clip, the woman, wearing a name tag that read “Hilary,” could be seen taking out her cell phone and screaming, “watch me handle this.” The white woman was standing on the home’s front walk a few feet off the end of the steps. She continued, “You are not the right color, honey!” 

Good then could be heard repeating, “I’m a n—er?” The woman responded, “Yes, you are.” It’s unclear what caused the argument. However, Good told the Daily Mail that it had to do with an issue between their children. The video ends with a still shot of the worker with the phone to her ear.

“I feel like a prisoner in my own home,” Good told the media outlet. “She has called me many names before, but to hear her being racist, that really shocked me.” 

Progress-Index reported that the White woman worked at Chesterfield Food Bank and was fired shortly afterward. The food bank’s CEO, Kim Hill, told the outlet that the incident was “between neighbors. It is still sad and an unfortunate situation.” 

In a statement released on Friday, April 23, Hill said, “We, here at the CFB, are broken-hearted to view this conduct as it goes directly against our values and beliefs. We are honored to serve everyone in need with dignity & integrity.” She continued, “In response to this situation, we have terminated this employee. We remain committed to creating and providing a positive, uplifting, and encouraging environment for our staff, volunteers, and clients.”

Although Hill did not identify the employee by name, “Hilary” was reportedly heading to her job when the argument took place. 

Commenters on the original Colonial Heights Issues page post claimed that the argument was the latest in several disputes between the two and that Colonial Heights Police had been called to the scene several times in the past. 

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