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‘Chile Bye’: Gabrielle Union Fans In Stitches After Daughter Kavia’s Hilarious TikTok Challenge Goes Wrong Again

One thing about Kaavia James Union Wade is that even at two years old, she is “consistent.”

Gabrielle Union uploaded a TikTok video to Instagram on Friday, April 16, of her daughter failing the fruit snack challenge roughly a year after doing it the first time. In the fruit snack challenge, that began to get popularized last year in May, TikTok users would pour out some fruit snacks or candy in front of their children — the majority of them being toddlers — then told them that they were going to leave the room. The children were not supposed to eat the candy until the parent returned. Of course, some kids conquered the challenge, while others failed.

Gabrielle Union and her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade (Photo: @gabunion/Instagram)

In this new video, Kaavia can see someone coming over to her with a Bitsy’s brand snack she’s frequently seen eating on social media. She says “My bitsy” and the person explained to Kaavia that she was supposed to wait to eat it, but as soon as the unknown person placed it on the table Kaavia picked up the bag of snacks swiftly. As she reached her hand in the bag that same voice can be heard in the background telling her to “wait,” but Kaavia placed one of the snacks in her mouth anyway. The voice said “Girl. She ain’t even left the room yet.”

The video cuts to her chewing, and the voice says “No more. Be right back,” and Kaavia hilariously waves goodbye to the person. The video jumps again, this time to Kaavia pulling another snack out of the bag, and as she is about to put it in her mouth, Kaavia notices the person coming back, and she pulls it away from her mouth. The person asks “Did you wait?” and Kaavia, looking slightly guilty, mumbles something before the person then asks “You ate them?”

Before the video ends, Union pops up on screen and says, “She is who she is. She’s consistent.”

The caption of the video reads, “@kaaviajames is consistent. 1 year later and ain’t nan thing changed 😂😂😂👶🏾I cant stop watching this. It’s been a tough couple weeks… a timeline cleanser Love & Light good people. #BitsysChallenge @bitsysbrainfood #toddlerlife.”

Fans enjoyed the video and wrote about it in the comments. One person said, “It’s the direct look in the camera like “Yeah I’m eating them!” Someone else talked about which part of the video they liked, writing, “She waved like Chile bye ! I’m eating these snacks 😂😂😂😂.”

Kaavia has been keeping fans laughing since she was just a few months old. Her expressive eyebrows and spunky personality earned her the name “Shady Baby,” which she finds ways to live up to every day. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade welcomed their child via surrogate in November 2018.

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