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‘Reimburse Him Since You Feel Bad’: Kevin Durant Fined for Heated Back-and-Forth with Michael Rapaport, Comedian Now ‘Feels Bad’

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant has ponied up $50,000 after being fined by the league for his use of derogatory language during a spat shared on social media between himself and comedian Michael Rapaport

The two men have jokingly minced words in the past, however, social media chaos erupted when Rapaport shared audio and screenshots of private messages sent by Durant laced with vulgar and degrading words.

Comedian Michael Rapaport shares lewd messages sent by NBA baller Kevin Durant. @michalerapaport/Instagram

Now, after seeing how some people on social media have rallied around the baller and instead labeled Rapaport an instigator, the comedian says he feels bad about the whole debacle. 

In a video shared to his Instagram, Rapaport starts off saying, “This situation with Durant has gotten out of hand. I feel bad about it, I feel bad about my involvement in the situation, I feel bad that it’s gotten this far.”

He goes on to share that when he initially met Durant the baller was cordial. He adds that he often shares messages of anti-Semitic and foul language from non-celebrities, but only when he shared Durant’s messages did the laughter from fans cease.

“When it was Durant people got 400 opinions, I’m a rat, f–k all that rat s–t. Like I said, we met, he was cordial. I hadn’t seen him since. … I don’t consider him a friend,” says Rapaport. In the audio recording and messages Durant threatens to spit in Rapaport’s face multiple times while calling the comedian various slurs. Rapaport’s rebuttals to Durant’s words included hassling him about his performance on the court. 

“The way he was talking to me was not like he was a friend.” Still, Rapaport is ready for the entire situation to blow over.

Durant has publicly addressed the issue by stating he is sorry his fans had to witness him in such a negative light, and that he too simply wants to move forward.

“I’m sorry that people seen that language I used. That’s not really what I want people to see and hear from me, but hopefully I can move past it and get back out there on the floor,” Durant said.

However for social media spectators, the viral blowout is not quite over.

“You owe him 50 stacks !!”

“You leaked a private convo after you poke people and then lawyered up. What did you think was gonna happen?”

“He constantly talk crap about people online then when KD gave him the same energy he played victim”

“Then cut the damn check! He doesn’t need it but reimburse him since you feel so bad.”

“So pay that fine for him if you feel “bad” 🙄” 

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