‘I Could’ve Sworn Sis Was Like 12’: Kevin Hart Surprises Daughter with Mercedes SUV for 16th Birthday

Kevin Hart might just win dad of the year after he and his ex-wife Torrei Hart came together to surprise their daughter Heaven Hart with a brand new car for her birthday.

Heaven’s Sweet 16 birthday party looked pretty sweet from the footage shared by bDashd, which is an event planning and bakery organization. The pictures and videos showed a dining room decorated with flowers, candles, and “My Hero Academia” decor. In the second photo, there was an outdoor movie theater set up for a small gathering of Heaven and her friends.

Kevin Hart’s wife Eniko Parrish, Kevin Hart, Hart’s daughter Heaven Hart, Hart’s son Hendrix Hart, and his ex-wife Torrei Hart. (Photo: @torreihart/Instagram)

But that is not all, the company shared in now-deleted clips from their Instagram Story of the moment Heaven was surprised with the car. In the video, she walked up to her new Mercedes SUV with her mask on while a person who appeared to be her mom, opened up the door on the driver’s side to let her in. The black vehicle, which was decorated with large red bows, costs about $85,000.

Fans were surprised at how fast it seemed Heaven has grown up. One person wrote, “she old enough to drive already ? dang time is flying,” and someone else said, “I could’ve sworn sis was like 12. lol.”

Others did not think Heaven was all that excited about her new car. Although her face was not really visible in the video, fans assumed her body language revealed she might not have been as happy as one would think to receive a new car.

Party decorations for Heaven Hart’s party. (Photo: @bdashd/Instagram)

One fan said, “She not ready for all that clearly….She looking like what yall want me to do with this lol.” Someone else who speculated something similar wrote, “It looks like she’s afraid to touch it….girl give it here!! 😂😌👋🏾”

Heaven ended her night by watching an anime movie called “Akira.”

Her stepmother Eniko Hart and two younger brothers Hendrix, 13, and Kenzo, 3, were in attendance as well. It is not clear if her baby sister Kaori was present at the party since she did not appear in any of the pictures and videos that were shared by the event planners.

Two months ago, Kevin told USA Today how the pandemic has had a positive effect on the relationship he has with his family. He said, “Through the pandemic, I was able to truly tap into fatherhood. Tap into the role of a husband more, because I’ve never been home this long ever. Ever! Because of my job, I’ve never been home for this many weeks – or weeks, period.” The comedian-actor continued, “Never have I been able to eat dinner with my family and talk to my family as much as I’ve been able to through the course of this pandemic, and it made me just realize some of the things that I missed, some of the things that I didn’t put as much value on that I probably should.”

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