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‘It’s The Same Lesson Now … Do Not Think for Yourself’: Ben Carson Compares Black Conservatives to Runaway Slaves

Ben Carson compared Black Republicans to runaway slaves and said they are victims of institutional racism during a recent interview on the “OUTLOUD with Gianno Caldwell” podcast.

Another Black conservative, Caldwell said there was “a major attack on Black conservatives” — noting Carson has been called “a house N-word, a coon, any negative, disgusting name they can think of.” He then asked Carson how he dealt with it, particularly since he was once so beloved in the Black community and among all other cultural groups.

Ben Carson thinks the treatment of Black conservatives is comparable to runaway slaves. (Wikipedia Commons)

The former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development responded by stating Black conservatives were treated like runaway slaves who were caught, then brutalized in front of others as an example to discourage other slaves from disobeying.

“Just remember this is not anything that’s any different than many, many years ago during slavery. If you ran away and you got caught, they didn’t just kill you; they brought you back and then they tormented you in front of everybody else so that they would get the lesson: Do not run away,” Carson said.

The famed neurosurgeon, now retired from medical practice, said today’s treatment of Black Republicans is no different.

“And it’s the same lesson now. Do not depart from what we told you. Do not think for yourself and if you do, we’re gonna try to make an example of you so other people won’t do it,” Carson continued. “But the way I see it, you have to just ask yourself, ‘What is the right thing to do?’ And you pray, you ask God to give you wisdom and you move forward.”

Carson added there were “tons of people in the African-American community who very much appreciate the stance” and now realize they were being “used and manipulated” by Democrats so they can maintain power.

Caldwell agreed with Carson, who also said Black people have become accustomed to being “victims,” then turned around and said Black conservatives are in essence victims of “institutionalism racism.”

“I think the place where it exists is among the people who see someone like me or someone like you and decide how they must think based on their race,” Carson said. “That’s the institutional racism but in terms of our society, I grew up in Detroit and in Boston, late ’50s and the ’60s and believe me, I can tell you real racism when I see it. We had to deal with it every day and it was rough. It’s nothing like that today.”

Carson has been heavily criticized by many Black Americans for the role he played in the Trump Administration. Users on social media blasted him for his comments. Some noted how ironic it was for Carson to be so brilliant academically, but ignorant politically.

“Ben Carson is one of the most highly-intelligent and academically-accomplished people yet one of the most ignorant people to engage in public discourse,” @Channi_V tweeted. “Dr. Ben Carson is a world renowned physician that people respects. But as politician he has no clue and he needs to stop doing interviews. The more he speaks the less respect I have for him,” @cahnel_glasses added.

Others said it had nothing to do with Carson being conservative, but his and other Republicans’ lack of empathy for others.

“No man. It’s just you. Nothing to do with being a conservative. Hell, I’m a conservative in many areas. It’s the lack of compassion, humility, grace and propriety when addressing your fellow human being who believe differently than you that I have a problem with,” added @ tsutakonomusume.

“Just to be clear… Dr. Carson, we aren’t ridiculing you and your ilk (Ms. Owens, Polyester & Zircon, etc.) because you left the plantation. We’re laughing at you because you choose to stay on the plantation and hug the master every chance you get,” @NareissasNotes tweeted.

Listen to the full episode of the podcast below:

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