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‘God This Is Me Right Now’: Keke Palmer Makes a Funny Video About the Difficulties of Choosing What to Eat, Fans Say They Can Relate

Keke Palmer is sharing what happens in her head when she gets ready to eat. The funny March 10 video begins with Palmer looking in her kitchen cupboard for food. She seems to be facing some difficulty deciding what to eat, so two mini versions of her in the form of an angel and devil pop up on her shoulders.

“Go for something healthy and fresh,” says the angel. But the devil quickly follows up with a “let’s get something sweet and fattening so we can get stuffed and pass out.”

Keke Palmer (Photo: @kekepalmer/Instagram)

“No no,” the angel says, “food are nutrients.” The devil starts to sing “where the cookies at?”

The voices, as she shared, continued: “Definitely no dairy, you’ll have zits for weeks,” she says trying to convince herself why getting something healthy would be a better option. The devil continues to sing about cookies while the angel lists out “protein bars, apples, oranges.” Palmer then flicks the devil and angel off her. Looking stressed she walks aways saying “I just won’t eat.”

“Yes, there is a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen,” Palmer wrote.

Fans showed their support by letting Palmer know that they suffer with the same issues. One person said, “God this is me right now. I’m fighting the urge to eat midnight spaghetti LOL,” and another said, “😢 “I just won’t eat” That’s me too🤣🤣🤣.”

Someone else wrote a warning to the “Akeelah and the Bee” star. They said, “😂😂😂😂 Just don’t stare at the cookies for too long. Flee or it will be too late 🤣.”

This probably will not be the last time Palmer will be getting a visit from her angel and devil mini-me’s since this is not her first. A week ago, she shared a video of her trying to pick a nail color, and they showed up trying to talk her into picking either red or blue. It will be interesting to see what problem they try to help her figure out next.

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