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‘So U Got a Whole Twin’: Will Smith Reveals Photos of His Siblings, Fans Point Out How He and His Brother Look Alike

Will Smith‘s fans were astonished to find out how similar the actor looks to his brother after the 52-year-old shared a throwback image alongside a recent photo with his younger twin siblings Harry and Ellen Smith. Will shared the pics on Feb. 25 while jokingly mentioning how the family couldn’t take a “decent” snapshot. 

The “Hitch” actor wrote, “40 years later, STILL can’t take a decent photo with these jokas!! #tbt ❤️❤️.” The initial family portrait was shared on Harry’s Instagram page earlier this month with the caption, “This is how I still be lookin’ at @iame.smith and @willsmith.” Many followers claimed Harry looked identical to Will, and some even asked if Harry often gets mistaken as his famous brother.

Will Smith’s throwback photo of himself and his younger twin siblings Harry and Ellen caught fans’ attention on Feb. 25 as they claimed to see a strong resemblance between Will and his brother Harry Smith. @willsmith/Instagram

“So u got a whole twin & ain’t say nun lol.”

“Wait wait wait, how often do ppl walk up to your brother like: ‘Will we loved your last hit!'”

“Your brother looks more like you than you do? Just saying 😂”

“I’m sure yo brother has been approached like ‘hey it’s Will Smith.'”

“Why does your brother look more like you than you!”

Will Smith with his twin siblings Harry and Ellen Smith. (Photo: @willsmith/Instagram)

While many followers focused on the Smith brothers’ physical similarities, others pointed out how they didn’t know the actor had any siblings. 

One wrote, “I was unaware you had siblings 🤦🏾‍♀️ beautiful family!”

“You got siblings????? Woooooow”

Another suggested their fandom for Will was fake because they never saw his extended family. “Wow. I totally feel like a FAKE FAN right now!!!!! I have NEVER seen his siblings!!!!!”

An Instagram user mentioned how Will shared visible features with his sister.”🙈🙈 Omg, this is terrible. I never knew you had siblings! You look just like your sister!! 😍😍”

The trio also have another sister named Pamela Smith, who currently lives in their hometown of Philadelphia. Pamela is the eldest of the four. The last time the entire Smith clan reunited was earlier this year when they celebrated their mom’s 84th birthday. Harry shared images from the festivities, including a group photo of the family smiling ear to ear. He captioned the upload, “Happy 84th BDay Mom Mom!!! I love you more than you know and may you have 84 more❤️🎂.”

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