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‘Save the Apology’: Fans Dismiss Lovely Mimi’s Apology After She Drops the N-Word While Ranting

Nowadays, instead of taking their L’s in peace, celebrities typically feel the need to make a public apology after being publicly shamed for doing something wrong. Now former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Lovely Mimi is taking her rightful place on the apology train after a video surfaced of her dropping the N-word.

On Feb. 20, a clip of Mimi going off on YouTube Live went viral on Instagram and Twitter. Rocking braids and a robe, she said, “Don’t no n-gga —” before cutting herself off, covering her mouth and saying, “I f-cked up. So sorry. Oooo, I was getting mad, I was getting out of pocket.” After a quick apology, she continued with her rant.

Lovely Mimi. (Photo: @itslovelymimi/Instagram)

The next day Mimi issued another apology on her Instagram Story. “What’s up you guys, so there is a trending video going around right now of me slipping up and using the N-word, catching myself, and apologizing.” She went on to explain that she was discussing not bringing any random guy around her kids and instead of saying guy, she said the N-word.

“I did not use the N-word to try to be racist, or offensive or derogatory or any of that. I had stopped using the N-word in my video publicly since 2015. Because, respectfully, a lot of people were offended so I took it out of my vocabulary. Now let’s be real, there’s a lot of celebrities that are not Black that use it. That use it in their music.”

She continued, “Now to be 100 percent honest, to be 100 percent real, do I say the words with my friends, people I’m comfortable with, people I grew up with … yes. OK, I ain’t gon lie to y’all and act like my ghetto ass don’t be slipping up and saying the word. Does it make it OK, no. That’s why I don’t use the word publicly. So if anybody is offended by the video, I truly apologize.” After repeating some of the same statements she said before about non-Black people using the word and apologizing, she flipped her tone, blasting some of her haters.

She said, “But one thing y’all trolls is not going to do is come up on my page and try to call me a racist is what y’all not going to do. Y’all can drag me for saying the N-word all y’all want, but y’all not gon’ come up on my page and call me a racist. Because one thing Mimi is not is I ain’t no godd-mn racist, OK.

“My children are Black, my friends are Black, I have done a lot for the Black community, I have done a lot of charity, I have done a lot of giveaways,” Mimi continued. “I have opened nail salons, and taught and hired so many Black women. I have done a lot for the Black community, so if y’all trolls are in the trolls calling me a racist but have never done anything for your community or for Black people don’t come up on my page with that racist sh-t. That’s one thing y’all not going to do. Respectfully , with this being said, I hope we can move forward. I love you guys so so much.”

A lot of people were not feeling the 28-year-old’s apology. One person said, “Save the apology if u still going use the word. Girl bye 😂.” Another person wrote, “Just cause you date black people or have mixed kids Doesn’t mean you can use that word.”

But she did have some fans that came to her defense. One person said, “I love her . She recognized that in these days… u can’t use that word casually AND publicly anymore. Give her a break.”

Lovely Mimi, born Myha Luong, is a Vietnamese nail salon owner and a singer who rose to fame after being on “L&HH.” She shares two children, a son and a daughter, with her ex-husband of 10 years, Remy.

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