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‘It’s the Lips for Me’: Angela Simmons Captivates Fans with a Sexy Snapshot

Angela Simmons‘ sexy photo on Feb. 1 left her fans dumbfounded after she uploaded an image wearing a tan long-sleeved crop top with python print underwear.

Simmons, who gave fans a view of her abs and thighs, seductively posed as she placed both hands in her hair while glaring at the camera. The model counted the days that have passed in the year as pages in her caption. She said, “Page 32 out of 365 ✨#BnB #TwentyTwentyOne.” Fans bypassed the quote and instantly complimented the star’s latest look.

Angela Simmons’s sultry photo turns heads. @angelasimmons/Instagram

“🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥SUPER BADDIE”

“Phenomenally perfect woman ❤️.”

“Its the lips for me 😩.”

“You just made my morning keep killin them #beautifulqueen.”

“Thick thighs save lives.”

While many people reveled in Simmons’ new look, others, perhaps unfamiliar with Simmons’ oeuvre, tut-tutted the reality star about her revealing appearance. One expressed the idea that the 33-year-old didn’t need to strip down to her underwear to get some attention.

“You don’t need to expose yourself like this 😔😔because you will be attracting the wrong people into your life, Angela 😔😔😔. You don’t need to prove anything to no one…Those who know you, Angela, will continue to like you the way you are no matter what ❤️.”

Another Instagram user asked the reality star, “Why did you have to stoop to these means?” The same person also sympathized with the mother of one, although they disagreed with her actions. “I understand you got to eat and take care of your son.”

Simmons’ former friend and “Growing Up Hip Hop” cast member Romeo Miller used almost the same words in 2019 during a conversation with her sister Vanessa.  

Miller said when discussing the end of their friendship during an episode of the hit We TV series, “Your sister don’t have to do certain things, man, but you know Angela, she likes that camera. Your sister [and] NBA players taking pictures like these social media models.”

The rapper added, “You’re Angela Simmons, you don’t have to do all that.”

The former friends fell out during the show’s hiatus. Miller said he abruptly cut ties with the shoe designer because he felt the friendship was doing “more harm than good.” Simmons later commented on Instagram to express how she felt.

She said, “Not going to lie…I was more hurt than anything. Didn’t see this coming.”

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