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‘That Is Unsurprising’: Actor Ray Fisher Reacts to the Decision to Remove Him from DC’s ‘The Flash’ Following Abusive Behavior Allegations Made Against Film Executives

Actor Ray Fisher has officially responded to news confirming that he would be written out of DC’s upcoming film, “The Flash.” The announcement comes after the actor accused director Joss Whedon of engaging in abusive behavior, and DC Films president Walter Hamada of enabling Whedon and others. 

In a lengthy statement shared to his social media platforms on Thursday, Jan. 14, the actor expressed that while he disagreed with the decision to remove his character Victor “Cyborg” Stone from the film, “it is one that is unsurprising.” The studio also revealed that the Cyborg role would not be recast.

Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher @ray8fisher/Instagram

“Despite the misconception, Cyborg’s involvement in ‘The Flash’ was much larger than a cameo—and while I do mourn the lost opportunity to bring Victor Stone back to the screen, bringing awareness to the actions of Walter Hamada will prove to be a much more important contribution to our world,” the 33-year-old wrote.  

Ray Fisher tatement Photo: @ray8fisher/Instagram

Fisher also doubled-down on his decision not to work with any production associated with Hamada, who took over as head of Warner Bros. Picture Group’s DC Films division in 2018.

The actor cited claims that the executive tried to “undermine the ‘Justice League’ investigation to protect his friend, and former co-president, Geoff Johns.” He added, “His dangerous and enabling actions during the investigation process must be called to account.”

The “True Detective” star noted that during a 57-minute phone call with Hamada, he tried on multiple occasions to have his claims of misconduct against Whedon, Johns and Jon Berg escalated through the proper channels, but got no reaction. 

“Rather than escalate the situation when initially asked, Walter disparaged Joss Whedon and Jon Berg in an attempt to cover for Geoff Johns,” Fisher explained. “When I alerted Walter that Geoff was, in fact, a major contributor to the issues experienced — including blatant racism — Walter tried, but to no avail, to get me to reveal the names of witnesses and other specifics that could be used to forewarn Geoff of the claims being brought against him. Walter even went so far as to sharply dismiss certain claims of mine as untrue because of his work experience and personal relationship with Geoff.”

Fisher concluded his statement, saying, “While it be may legally and financially safer to quietly phase Geoff Johns out, or to let Joss Whedon ‘exit’ of his own accord — I share neither of those responsibilities.” Instead, the star said his duties were to “protect those that were brave enough to lend their voice to the Justice League investigation” and to use “what little power” he possessed to ensure an incident like his current doesn’t occur again. Fisher ended his letter with a quote from Mamie Till-Mobley stating, “You reach a point in life where you simply must take a stand.”

Ray Fisher statement Photo: @ray8fisher/Instagram

Despite everything that has transpired, WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff stood by Hamada, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I believe in Walter Hamada and that he did not impede or interfere in the investigation.” She added, “Furthermore, I have full confidence in the investigation’s process and findings. Walter is a well-respected leader, known by his colleagues, peers, and me as a man of great character and integrity … I’m excited about where he’s taking DC Films and look forward to working with him and the rest of the team to build out the DC Multiverse.”

As previously reported, in July 2020, Fisher took to Twitter with claims stating that his “Justice League” set was “unprofessional” and described the environment as being “gross.” His comments sparked an investigation that ended in December 2020 with a statement saying that “remedial action” had been taken — however, said “action” had not been made public. 

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