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‘Ur Azz Has It’s Own Zip Code’: La La Anthony’s Fans are Enraptured By the Star’s Bodacious Figure

La La Anthony‘s fans were spellbound by the 39-year-old’s backside on Jan. 3 when she shared a snapshot in an all-black ensemble showcasing her infamous rump.

Anthony, who posted a mountainous view in a place she tagged Far Far Away, captioned the image, “She’s going places….❤️.” Although her current location is unknown, that didn’t stop the reality star from causing an uproar in her comments section. Droves of fans overlooked Anthony’s surroundings and solely focused on her derriere. 

La La Anthony’s backside causes a frenzy among fans in the comments section. Photo:@lala/Instagram

“You’re always going places cause ur azz has it’s own zip code 😍”

“Your backside big like a bag of money”

“It’s the booty fa me 🔥”

“That thang look heavy 🔥”

A fan responded to Anthony’s quote, which mentioned a woman going places. “With a bright future behind you💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾.”

In a 2017 interview with Hollywoodlife, the model opened up about the importance of eating clean and how it contributed to her fit body. Anthony admitted she put herself on a meal plan to help prevent any temptations. 

“I’ve put myself on a meal plan to focus on that. I have the meals delivered to me, so it takes out the prep work. They deliver the meals, and you eat the portions that are given, and you don’t give yourself too many choices. It’s been helping me not to fall off.”

The mother of one added she enjoyed the healthier options that the plan had to offer. “I would say I’m really into turkey chili and turkey meatballs right now, but not very seasoned; that’s been a healthier option for me. I just discovered cauliflower rice, which I really like; I mix it with grilled chicken, and I think that’s another healthy option.”

The former radio personality also follows a strict workout schedule, attending the gym “about four times a week.” Anthony incorporates regular weight training and a boxing regimen with her personal trainer.

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