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‘Giving Me Vanessa Huxtable’:: Ari Lennox Give Herself a Chop for the New Year

Ms. Shea Butter Baby, or Ari Lennox, is kicking off the new year with a new look and new Instagram profile. The songstress scrubbed her page and only left up a video of her freshly-chopped hair.

However, the result was flawless. Lennox, 29, cut her hair into a taper cut that was longer in the front but shorter in the back.

“Happy you year,” she captioned the video.

Ari Lennox shows off her big chop. @AriLennox/Instagram

Lennox was clearly feeling herself as she struck several poses for the camera. She also turned around and gave the camera duck lips while poking out her butt and smiling. Lastly, Lennox twerked for a bit before cutting off the camera.

Lennox demonstrated herself cutting her hair and showed fans on her Instagram Story just how much hair she cut off.

The D.C. native’s fans weren’t giving her any “Static” about her cutting her hair either, because they too were in love with the singer’s new ’do.

Photo: @arilennox/Instagram

“Love this. You look perfect. HNY!”

“New hair cut who dis 😩😍😍❤️.”

“It’s the skin and hair for me 😍😍😩😰😰.”

“Yassss ma’am!! You know I’m here for it!! You are bomb! ❤️🙏🏽🔥.”

“Look at you with the big chop 😍 we told you it would suit you well! Welcome to healthy hair and more growth (hair and overall).”

“Giving me Vanessa Huxtable,” added another referencing the popular character from ’80s classic, “The Cosby Show.”

Overall, Lennox’s post garnered over 670,000 views from IG onlookers.

This isn’t the first time Lennox had fans fawning over her gorgeous curls. Lennox, who used to rock a curly puffball, uploaded a now-deleted June 2020 post of her freshly-washed hair.

In the post, she told fans that her healthy hair look was due to a product she’s been using.

“My hair is growing…and I been using my special product,” she captioned.

However, Lennox did not reveal the product, and now it seems as though she wants a fresh start for 2021.

Regardless of Lennox not revealing her secret product, whatever it is, it leaves her hair moisturized and her curls popping.

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