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‘Uhm What?’: K. Michelle Fans Baffled After She Says She Misses ‘Mentor’ R. Kelly, Later Tries To Clarify Tweets

K. Michelle took to Twitter on Tuesday, Dec. 8 expressing how much she missed her jailed “mentor” R. Kelly in a series of controversial tweets. 

“I swear if Rob was here so many of my musical questions would be answered. If you have a mentor u need to learn as much musically as possible, but I took so days of learning for granted never knowing this would happen to him,” the former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star, 34, said in her first tweet.

The “Can’t Raise a Man” singer then explained, “I’m trying to create the most genuine Last R&B record and I really need to play it for him but u can’t.”

“No one will ever understand how heavy it is watching the person who saved your life be crucified in front of the world for their sickness,” she concluded.

K. Michelle then stated that she was “not defending single soul,” but rather “separating the man from the music.” She added, “Musically I’ve trusted him my whole career and now it’s time to trust my own self.”

R. Kelly, 53, is currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago

Earlier this year, he was hit with a five-count indictment from the Eastern District of New York then and a 13-count indictment out of the Northern District of Illinois for various allegations of sexual abuse of minors.

(L-R_ K. Michelle and R. Kelly. Photo: @kmichellemusic/Instagram/Scott Olson/Getty Images

K. Michelle’s comments quickly garnered attention. 

“She could have kept that to herself,” one person said.

Another social media user added, “Kimberly… that man belongs there. Request a visit sis since you miss him 😩.”

“She shouId have left this one in the drafts,” one person wrote. 

Another said, “Uhm What?”

The “Love ‘Em All” singer later responded to the backlash on Wednesday, Dec. 9.

“No regrets I say what I say. Ain’t my fault people didn’t pay attention in elementary school and can’t comprehend that im not defending anyone. I’m talking about MY STORY, MY LIFE. No soul alive will take my God given rights 2feel,” she wrote on Twitter.

K. Michelle continued, “U won’t sit at home from ur couch& judge me on how I heal from my struggles.This is real life out here.I had a man beat my a–&all y’all did was laugh and make it entertainment and a storyline 2laugh at and make memes about.”

“I’ve had conversations with some of the victims and offered my help but because I don’t POST it I don’t care? Wow,” she went on to say. “Y’all fav post themselves passing out gifts for clout everyday but that ain’t me! I NO LONGER HAVE S–T TO PROVE ON AN APP!”

In response, one fan questioned, “Is he being crucified for his sickness or being held accountable after years of being an unrepentant, violent, sexual predator who targeted young Black women?!”

“Either way it’s a sickness. I know you people on the couch think you are psychiatrist but guess I ACTUALLY HAVE A WHOLE DEGREE IN PSYCHOLOGY from Florida A&M. It’s all wrong and it’s a sickness,” K. Michelle fired back.

The “Maybe I Should Call” singer previously stopped by the Atlanta Black Star studio in January to talk about her pop-up restaurant & lounge, Puff & Petals. She also explained why she still supports R. Kelly and detailed how he “saved” her. 

“That man saved my life,” she told ABS. “He saved me from an abuser. So that’s why my album is called ‘All Monsters Are Human,’ because everybody is a villain in somebody’s story and you might be an angel. In my story, he wasn’t that much of a villain.”

The singer continued, “When it came to me, he was all about music. He was on my head about music, nothing else. So, I look at him completely different.”

“My relationship with him is that and nobody can take that relationship from me or judge me about it,” K. Michelle added.

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